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Why is Cordyceps so expensive and its benefits

It is reported by BBC that Cordyceps ( Ophiocordyceps Sinensis) is worth £16,000 per Kilo in 2016 (1) with the price increasing every year. It is often coined to be twice as expensive as gold. 

So, what is the reason behind such high price? “Natural Cordyceps is mainly produced in Qinghai-Tibet, a plateau with an altitude over 3,000 meters. Limited by the geographical constraints, natural resources are scarce and expensive.” (2)

It is “sweet in taste and moderate in property”, containing immune-system supporting polysaccharides, nutrients such as amino acids, it also contains polyamines which play a role in cell growth along with antioxidant properties and other elements and vitamins needed by the human body.

You will often find that Cordyceps has many other names such as Medicinal Mushroom, Dong Chong Xia Cao in Chinese, Yartsa Gunbu in the tibetan, it some cases it is also referred to as Caterpillar Mushroom and Caterpillar Fungus.

This luxury ingredient which is often coined to be twice as expensive as gold has been used for over 3000 years and has been widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as it offers various health benefits in both men and women of all ages. It is only in the recent years that the benefits of Cordyceps are being recognised in the Western world. 

There are thousands of cordyceps species out there, and not all of them are priced at thousands of dollars per pound. In fact, most of them aren’t. While some products say they contain cordyceps mushroom powder, that doesn’t mean they have whole pieces of mushrooms; most likely, these products are made from ground-up stem cells from a particular kind of fungus. So it is good to ensure the cordyceps you are choosing is pure so you can obtain its benefits. 

Cordyceps As A Fertility Booster

Popularly known as the fertility booster, Cordyceps has been a staple in Traditional Chinese Medicine for infertility concerns. Cordyceps regulates the production and functioning of growth hormones in both men and women, this increasing the quality of sperm and eggs released. Research has also shown Cordyceps to increase the sex drive by increasing testosterone in both men and women. 

Cordyceps benefits for female fertility:

  • Improve sex drive
  • Improve egg quality
  • Help with fertility concerns due to Nutritional deficiencies 
  • Help prevent Immune-related recurrent miscarriage 
  • Help with PCOS
  • Improve IVF success rate (2)

Cordyceps benefits for men fertility:

  • Improve sex drive
  • Improve sperm quality and quantity, support sperm production
  • Assists with erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, poor sperm motility, abnormal sperm shape
  • Boost Testosterone Level

Other Benefits Of Cordyceps

Along with its amazing fertility-boosting benefits this medicinal mushroom can enhance platelet formation and boost the lowering of blood sugar. It has multiple functions of nourishing essence, stopping bleeding and resolving phlegm. It also boosts energy and works as an excellent anti-aging herb.

Cordyceps has been widely known for its anti-cancer properties and immune response. In 2009, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in China indicates: ‘Cordyceps sinensis, a well-known traditional Chinese medicine, possesses activities in anti-tumor, anti-oxidation and simulating the immune response.’ (3)


Cordyceps benefits for lungs and kidneys:

Cordyceps is a great lung supplement. Cordyceps can support free and easy breathing, help the lungs to fight against viruses and bacteria and boost the lungs to eliminate waste. It is effective in supporting respiratory health, especially for smokers and the elder.

Cordyceps is also a super tonic for those who have weak kidney function. It can protect the glomerular cells and help the damaged kidneys restore function, which makes it an indispensable herb for chronic kidney diseases.


It is regularly also used as: 

  • An Adaptogen which improves energy, and stamina and reduces fatigue 
  • Chronic Cough, including bronchitis and other respiratory and pulmonary disorders
  • Strengthens the Immune system 
  • Anti aging properties 
  • Improves blood flow by inhibiting the levels of bad cholesterol in the bloodstream, resulting in increasing the blood flow to the body including the reproductive organ and decreasing the risk of heart diseases and stoke. (4)

Modern Research Behind The Effects of Cordyceps

  • Increasing testosterone Level and helping estrogen deficiency-induced osteoporosis in Ovariectomized rates. (5)
  • Stimulating cells and specific chemicals in the immune system (6)
  • High level of potent antioxidant, is natural source of anti-inflammation (7)
  • Anti-lipid peroxidation activities and inhibit accumulation of cholesteryl ester in macrophages via suppression of LDL oxidation. (8)
  • Increasing the number and boosting the activity of natural killer cells ( a type of white blood cell), which protect the body from viruses and bacteria. (9)

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Where to buy Cordyceps

How to store cordyceps

If you buy cordyceps from a grocer, ensure that the container is airtight, and it should be kept in a dark place away from moisture. Once opened, store it in an airtight container again. It’s best to use up cordyceps within their given expiry date.  The mushrooms tend to lose their potency after that time period.

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