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What The Colour Of Your Period Can Tell You About Your Health According To Chinese Medicine 

Talking about menstrual blood is still considered a taboo topic but taking a look at the colour and reveals a lot about your overall health.

Chinese Medicine places a huge importance on a women’s menstrual blood. The first step in diagnoses for a woman in Chinese Medicine is analysing the colour, texture and flow of period. TCM practitioners also pay attention to other factors in regards to your period, such as how long it lasts, or how bad your cramps are. The quality of blood released by the body and the length of the period provides insights into estrogen levels, progesterone levels, any lack of nutrients as well as the condition of the Uterus. Discovering this also provides with early indication of conditions such as infertility, endometriosis, cysts, PCOS and fibroids.

The colour of your blood based on the principles of Chinese Medicine can highlight underlying an imbalance in between Yin and Yang. If these underlying imbalances are deficiencies are neglected and left untreated it could lead to further health issues in the long run.

The quality of the menstrual blood is an indicator any underlying imbalances and deficiencies in the body.

Everyone’s flow is different, a healthy menstrual cycle requires unobstructed flow of Qi, Blood, balanced Yin-Yang. It also involves Kidney essence (known as jing) optimal functioning of Spleen and Kidney.  However, for some women there’s quite a lot of variation in the period frame: 

  • Regularity of menstrual cycle ( between 28 – 30 days )
  • Duration of menstrual period ( 4 – 7 days )
  • Volume of menstrual flow (light to heavy)
  • Colour, texture, odour of menstrual flow (Dark red with no or little clotting)

 What does the period colour say your health according to Chinese Medicine?


Photo by: NTU Chinese Medicine 南大中医

Pale Pink :- Indicates spleen qi. In Chinese Medicine Spleen is central to digestive system. It is responsible for producing Qi (energy) from the food we eat and distributing it to the rest of the body. In this case, having a Spleen Qi deficiency means your body will not have enough energy and exhibit symptoms such as tiredness/fatigue, bloating, cramps.


Crimson Red and Thick: – Indicates excessive heat, when your body is out of balance excess heat can lead to irritability, fever and other inflammatory conditions.

Purple Red with Clotting: – Indicates Liver Qi stagnation, whilst spleen is in charge of producing Qi, Liver is in charge of regulating the flow of Qi throughout the body. Any obstructions in this flow can lead to symptoms such as cramps, headaches, and breast tenderness.

 Dark Red with Clots: – Indicates blood stagnation, this blood stagnation often comes from cold stagnation. Cold stagnation poses obstruction in the usual blood circulation leading to blood clots. Passing very dark blood can be an early sign of endometriosis, fibroids as well as blocked fallopian tubes

Not sure about self-diagnose? get help from our TCM specialists!

 *One point that is often raised by Chinese Medicine experts is that stress can affect PMS symptoms.

Did you know – Stress can have an impact on your fertility levels? Read more here.

 Natural treatment when your period colour is showing an imbalance and deficiency


Is you are expericing PMS symptoms along with deficiencies, natural Chinese Medicine methods such as:

Can be extremely effective in managing these effectively. If you are curious about what your period colour says about your body. These methods are not only effective for managing period pains but can also be used to boost fertility as they work to provide a better environment in the uterus. 

We recommend visiting a certified Chinese Medicine expert who determine exactly what your peroid colour is telling about your health. 

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