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Ear seeds are gaining popularity these days and are becoming quite trendy, but believe it or not, they have been rooted in the world of acupuncture for thousands of years.

If you are not familiar with what ear seeds are, read on to learn more about them, how they work, how they can benefit your health, and what celebrities are using them today.

What are Ear Seeds?

Ear seeds are very small seeds that are used on the ear to stimulate pressure points. They are considered to be a type of auriculotherapy other known as acupressure and acupuncture for the ear. (1)

While some people may use these on their own, others use them in conjunction with acupuncture treatments.

These on the go acupuncture seeds offer a safe, pain-free, and non-invasive TCM remedy for a number of symptoms and may help promote overall health and wellness. People have been relying on them for symptom relief for thousands of years and now a days even many celebrities are using to reap their benefits. 

Benefits of Ear Seeds

People use ear seeds to help balance their qi (energy). Since traditional TCM believes that energy travels along meridians, including meridians on the ear, these on the go seeds may be able to help clear certain qi blockages.

In addition to reducing qi blockages, here are some of the other reasons people use them (2)

Learn more about TCM’s view on Ear Seeds directly from our expert team!

Where can I get Ear Seeds in London ? 


We offer the traditional ear seeds as well as the gold ear seeds in our clinic in London : GinSen Clinic London.

All our products, including our natural food supplements come with a free consultation so if you are unsure simply book an appointment through the website and pop into the clinic so one of the TCM experts can guide you on how to use the ear seeds for your specific needs. Free consultations are also available through skype and facetime, so if you are not based in London and interested in trying, simply contact us and we will be happy to help you. 

How To Apply Ear Seeds

If this is your first time we encouraged to visit a fully trained acupuncturist first who can help explain and demonstrate how the seeds work. An acupuncturist can also help with placement depending on what your symptoms are.

Here’s how to apply:

1. Start by Cleaning & Drying the Outside of Your Ears


2. Find the Correct Points: The points will differe depending on which issue you are tragetting and symptons your body is exhibiting. We highlight recommend consulting your local acupuncturist for guidence on the specific points along the ear for the maximum effect.

Some of the common bead placement points can help with your body’s fight or flight response, kidney health which can help give you an energy boost, bead placement for anxiety relief, and pressure points to help you re-center.


3. Apply the Ear Seeds: Gently apply the ear seeds to the selected points on the outside of your ear. Note that most ear seeds come with adhesive tape, so just be sure not to touch the sticky part when applying.


4. Massage the Seeds: Massage the ear seeds a few times each day anytime some of your symptoms like anxiety, stress, difficulty sleeping, or a migraine comes on. You can apply pressure by rubbing the seeds. Rub the seeds in a circular motion and do so for a few minutes.


5. Change Your Seeds : You will want to change your the seeds regularly, at least every five days. Note that your  seeds may fall off before the five days, and you can change them when they do.


6. Taking Off: When you are ready to replace or remove your seeds, it’s easiest to use a tweezer. Just be careful not to let the seeds get into your ear. Try tilting your head towards the ground when removing to help prevent this from happening.

Note: After you remove, wait a day before adding new ones to help prevent skin irritation. If you do experience any signs of skin irritation like redness or swelling, you will want to remove them.

Celebrities Who Use Ear Seeds

With the rise in popularity, there are quite a few celebrities who have been seen using these on the go acupunture seeds including Penelope Cruz and Kate Moss. Based on ear seed placement, it is thought that Penelope Cruz uses them for general re-balancing and natural detox. (6)

The Takeaway

If you are experiencing chronic pain, insomnia, stress, or anxiety, ear seeds are a non-invasive option to potentially help reduce symptoms. If you are interested in using them to help improve your symptoms, consider working with a trained acupuncturist to find the ideal acupressure points and placement. This will help give you the most optimal results and can be a great starting point for anyone who may be just getting started with this natural TCM remedy.

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