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Everyone experiences stress from time to time in their life. In fact, stress is a normal psychological and physical reaction to events that take place in life. When your body experiences stress it responds by releasing hormones called cortisol. These are the same hormone which triggers the ‘fight or flight’ response. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is believed that when a body experiences stress, it affects the Qi ( energy flow ) and causes an imbalance of Qi.  

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been successfully used for over 2000 years, it works as a great alternative to combat stress and helps you ease the burden of the stressful day to day life. The main aim of Chinese Medicine when treating stress is to keep the flow of Qi in order to keep the body in balance. 


In Chinese Medicine, human emotions are closely related to the organs.


The Liver is the organ relating to emotion, Kidney is responsible for the energetic function and the Spleen is the housekeeper of the body’s immune system, taking its nutrients from the stomach. 

The goal here is to nourish your organs. There are lifestyle changes you can make to strengthen your organs to help reduce and manage stress better.

Here are some tips on how to deal with stress based on the principles of Chinese Medicine:


Acupuncture stimulates the nervous system, increases the blood circulation. Acupuncture has been shown to lower stress hormones by reducing cortisol levels. Other benefits of acupuncture include relieving pain, reducing stress, it also helps relax muscles so your body feels less stressed. When the meridian channels (or pathways of energy) are open,  your muscles are more easily able to relax.



When your body is stressed and anxious, your liver energy is blocked. Exercising has a positive effect on the liver. Exercise demands attention so your mind is drawn away from your day to day stress. There are many studies that have show exercising help release Endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in your body. Exercising also improves blood circulation and strengthens muscles. 

Any activity that gets your heart and pulse raised and allows your lungs to get clean fresh air is recommended. Exercise will allow your body and mind to calm down along with improving the ability to focus.



The famous quote “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food” has stood the test of time.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine Kidneys are considered to be the root of life, they are the foundation for a healthy life so it is important to look after them. Avoid consumption of items such as alcohol and caffeine that can have a damaging effect on the kidneys. Grains nourish the stomach, and fish, walnuts nourishes the kidneys.

Keep your spleen nourished by consuming more warm and cooked foods. Cold and raw food along with sugar and alcohol as it is not easily digested by the spleen which results in Qi deficiency and depletes the body.

Ginger has been recognised for its apparent ability to warm the body by increasing blood circulation and keeps the energy flowing.


4.Relax & Nourish the mind

Many people find meditation daunting and we totally understand that, it is difficult to simply sit down with your own thoughts and embrace the quietness or loudness of your own thoughts. The trick and challenge is to focus on the present and where you are at that instant moment. A good starting point is to sit down with no distraction and count 100 deep breaths, this should pull you away from your negative thoughts and bring your mind to present and promote relaxation.

As the saying goes:

Also given the numerous benefits meditation brings its well worth a try.

5.Consider Adding Chinese Herbal Medicine & Herbs to your daily routine

Chinese Herbal Medicine can be extremely useful when chronic stress has affected your organs. Some Chinese Medicine has been specifically formulated to help reduce stress by reducing the level of cortisol, it also helps to relax nerves and muscles helping eliminate stress and anxiety.  

At our clinics we recommend herbal blend such as Xiao Yao Tang which is a blend of 8 herbs and Jia Wei Xiao Yao Tang which is one of the best natural anti-stress formulas.

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