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Summer cold? Sore Throat in Summer?

Try Yin Qiao San For Summer Cold Treatment 


When the warmer weather arrives, it may seem as if the illnesses associated with the winter months are no longer a factor. However, that may not always be the case for some people. Catching a summer cold is not only a possibility, but it is one that may have the added the unfortunate side effect of throwing off important summer plans such as vacations and other family activities. To learn more about how to heel a summer cold or soothe a soar throat in summer, read on. 

What is a Summer Cold?

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) concept of wind plays a role in a variety of ailments. Though it is often associated with winter and spring, wind exists throughout all seasons. When present in the body, wind can generate change and motion in areas where it does not normally exist. This can lead to imbalance and disharmony, and it is the aim of TCM to bring both balance and harmony back. In TCM, the body is treated as a whole to gain an understanding of what is causing imbalances. 

When wind heat is present, symptoms such as red eyes, sore throat, fever, and sensitivity to light may be present. Cold wind will generally include symptoms such as achiness, cough, and a runny nose. As the symptoms demonstrate, an unwelcome summer cold has some of the same symptoms as its winter counterpart. 

Yin Qiao San for Summer Cold  

Yin Qiao San is not just one herb but a combination of many. It has been used in TCM for hundreds of years to treat ailments like colds, fever, cough, and seasonal flu. The symptoms of a summer cold that are associated with wind heat respond well to treatment with Yin Qiao San. A study out of the University of Hong Kong demonstrated that Yin Qiao San helps to bring relief to symptoms in as little as one week. It had an effective rate of 66% compared to only 40% with a Western medicine approach. The combination of ingredients that make up Yin Qiao San have both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which help to soothe and reduce symptoms making it an effective summer cold treatment. 


Yin Qiao San Ingredients and How They Work

Yin Qiao San is made up of many different herbs. Though the amount of the herbs used can differ, some countries have implemented regulations to ensure that the product meets a consistent standard. The following herbs make up Yin Qiao San:


  • Lian Qiao (Fructus Forsythiae): Lian Qiao, like many commonly used herbs in TCM, has a long history of use. It has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial properties and has been used to fight off diseases such as nephritis. Lian Qiao also has both neuroprotective as well as cardiovascular protective effects.


  • Jin Yin Hua (Flos Lonicerae): Derived from the honeysuckle plant and used in TCM for centuries, Jin Yin Hua helps to clear heat and while detoxifying the body. Its anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antiallergic, antidiabetic, antiallergic, and antioxidant effects help to provide relief from the aches, pains, and sniffles that often accompany a summer cold. It has been proven effective in both treating and preventing illness.
  • Bo He (Herba Menthae): Another herb with a proven track record, Bo He is commonly known as peppermint. It helps to eliminate a sore throat in summer by clearing wind heat and providing a soothing effect. 


  • Niu Bang Zi (Fructus Arctii): Niu Bang Zi is a dried fruit that features helpful flavonoids and phenolic acid. It alleviates cough and can reduce inflammation. In addition to its antimicrobial, antiviral, and antioxidant properties, it can also provide pain relief and reduce lipid levels.


  • Jie Geng (Radix Platycodi): Often used in the treatment of cough and sore throat in summer, Jie Geng is protective against lung injuries associated with S. aureus infection. This is thanks to the absorption of such components as saponins, organic acids, and flavonoids in the bloodstream. 


  • Gan Cao (Radix Glycyrrhizae): Gan Cao, more commonly known as licorice root, has been used in TCM for many years to treat the flu. Similar to other ingredients found in Yin Qiao San, Gan Cao also has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties and also helps to eliminate phlegm. 


  • Dan Dou Chi (Semen Sojae Praeparatum): Dan Dou Chi, which is made by fermenting soybean seeds, can be used to treat the headache, fever, and irritability that can sometimes accompany a summer cold.  


  • Dan Zhu Ye (Herba Lophatheri): Made of the dried leaves and stems of the bamboo plant, Zhu Ye helps to treat fever which makes it a useful summer cold treatment. Not only does it have anti-cancer and anti-bacterial properties, but it can be used for its diuretic properties. 


Most people spend summer months traveling or spending time with family and friends, so a summer cold is not something anyone wants to experience. As wind bring disharmony to the body, a cough, fever, and sore throat in summer may result. Using Yin Qiao San as a summer cold treatment can help to reduce and eliminate these symptoms thanks to its antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a low-cost, drug-free treatment that has been shown to be more effective than Western medicine options. There is no need to let a summer cold interfere with any plans that have been made for the upcoming summer months. However, if you are experiencing aches, sniffles, or a sore throat in summer, then speak with a TCM practitioner about Yin Qiao San so that you may get back on the road to recovery and keep all of your summertime plans in place. 

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