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Infertility is a common issues faced by many, at least 1 in 7  couples face infertility issues. (1) The cause of infertility varies from person to person from cold uterus, blocked fallopian tube, low sperm count, endometriosis and even unexplained infertility. There have been many debates regarding the effect of stress on fertility. In this article we explore the Chinese Medicine approach towards the effect stress can have towards infertility and how you can overcome this naturally. 

How does stress affect fertility ? 

Stress can lead to irregular periods that includes short periods cycle, or delayed periods cycle, or in some cases missing periods (2). Irregular period means a women will not be ovulating regularly. Ovulation is the process that happens once during menstrual cycle in which hormones change and release an egg. A women can only become pregnant if a sperm fertilises an egg, when an egg is failed to release as a result of irregular period due to stress, infertility is experienced. 

We all experience stress in our day to day life, stress can occurs from work pressure, society, environment and family relationships however, when this stress interferes with body’s abilities it is recommended to seek help and get to the bottom of the root cause. Stress is commonly accompanied with anxiety, insomnia, headache, fatigue and other symptoms.  

Why does stress cause infertility ?

  • Stress raises blood pressure, which can cause poor circulation. When there is poor blood circulation in Ovaries and Uterus lining, it may not be able to create a thick enough endometrium each month. Studies have indicated that uterine lining failing to thicken could be due to decreased blood flow (3). This can contribute towards infertility. 


  • Stress can lead to accumulation of toxic cervical mucus in the fertility organs, this causes blockage and leads to inflammation in the pelvic area. The cervical mucus can slow down sperm’s swimming ability to reach eggs where it is fertilised also it makes also implantation in the uterus difficult. 


  • Stress also changes natural hormone system, such as level of estrogen, FSH and AMH levels along with changes in endocrine system. 


  • Stress can affect body’s day to day function such as quality of sleep, digestion system, appetite all of which discrupt body’s general ability to function. This results in lack of nurtition to nourish fertility organs overall function. 

Chinese Medicine View 

“Liver Qi is in charge emotional response, and can become stagnant easily by stress”

Stress can contribute towards infertility as according to Chinese Medicine belives stress can damage Liver Qi and block Liver energy channels. Liver energy channel run from the side of the head, down to the neck, breast, side of the abdomen and finally to the ovary and other fertility systems. This meridian is the path for blood and vital Qi flow, so it is essential to keep this path free from any blockage to ensure transportation of nutrition required by the body. When Liver Qi is stagnant, this path will be blocked and issues such as infertility arise. 

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How does Chinese Medicine to help ?

Chinese Medicine has been used for over 1000’s of years to provide relief from stress disorder successful. It does so by smooth Liver Qi, unblocking energy channel, eliminated circulated toxin, promoting blood circulation, balancing  fertility organs. It basis on the principle of Yin Yang Balance of Chinese Medicine. Some of the treatments include:

How does Chinese Medicine work ?

Acupuncture is work on the long term to stimulation and unblocked energy channel, releasing stress caused body anxiety and exhausting, increasing fertility organs function.

Cupping is short term used detoxing, remove circulate toxin, force vital Qi flow.

Chinese Massage is easily used and similar manipulation of Acupuncture and Cupping, but during massage, fast removed muscular nods and excessive water retention, straightforwardness to unblocked energy channel and distress.

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How does Chinese Medicine work ?

Herbal Supplement

We selected herbal ingredients basis on traditional Chinese formula of Xiao Yao Tang to developed food supplement to treat stress and help natural menstrual cycle, promoter natural conceive. such as :

Herbal ingredients

There are many herbal ingredients that can help ease stress and regulate menstrual cycle. Our recommendation for top 5 herbs include:

  • Codyceps: is one on the best herbs to promote relaxation, in Chinese Medicine it is known to increase Liver Yin, soothing Liver Qi.


  • Chai Hu (Bupleurum) : is famous herbal ingredient which can be incorporated in your day to day routine. It is also found in most Chinese herbal formulas. It works to smooth Liver Qi, promote positive thinking.


  • stress and infertility chinese medicineDang Shen (Codonopsis): is a great ingredient which works to reduce  and promotion Qi flow, increasing blood vessels strength.


  • Bai Shao (White Peony): Work on the Liver Yin and controls Liver Qi, along with eliminating any Qi stagnation. 


  • Zhi Qiao ( Bitter orange): work to assist Qi flow in the right direction, it also removes any type of stagnantion, such as Qi stagnantion, or Blood stagnantion.

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