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Esther* came across our clinics GinSen at London the Fertility Show on 3rd November 2019. She visited our stand for a consultation as she had been trying to conceive for the last 7 years with no success. Following her brief meeting she decided to visit our clinics the exact same day and in just under a month’s treatment she became pregnant on 9th December 2019. 

She had been trying to conceive for over 7 years with no success. She also underwent IVF 3 times, unfortunately all the 3 times she failed to conceive. Esther decided to keep her options open and tried natural Chinese Medicine which follows a holistic approach by getting to the root cause of infertility … And in just under 1 month she become pregnant!! 

Female, age 33

Chinese medicine accompanying with acupuncture, cupping and moxibustion to heal her body, provide the required nutritions to the key reproductive organs to increase her chances of conceiving naturally. 



Western Medicine Diagnosis

Failed IVF


Chinese Medicine Diagnosis

Qi Stagnant and Blood stasis

Yin and Blood deficiency


Examination according to Chinese Medicine: 

Her tongue : light pink, white fur, teeth mark on the side.

Her Pulse : Taught, Rapid, “Che Mai” is weak


Other background information:

Period Pattern:

Her periods were regular between 26-28 days, bleeding lasted 5 days with heavy amount of bleeding only one. Before period she experienced cramps and other PMS Symptoms. 

Other lifestyle contributing factors: 

She was easily stress, sometimes tired, often experienced constipation once every 4-5 days. She feet used to get cold easily. She followed a healthy diet.


Treatment Plan for Esther:

Acupuncture ( 30 mins session )

Personalised Herbal Tea

Herbal Supplements. 

Aim Of The Treatment

Traditional Chinese Medicine take a holistic approach when dealing with infertility. Based on the diagnoises by analysing her tongue, pulse and history, our TCM experts created a personalised treatment plan for Ether by: 

Step 1 

During this first phase, emphasis is placed on using methods which help to eliminate toxins, detox the body, clear any blockages, improve blood circulation and improve energy levels. According to TCM belief this is equivilent to eliminating Liver Qi stagnation and blood stasis. 

Aim during this phase: Detox Liver, unblock enegery channels to eliminate stress.  

Step 2 

During the second step focus is placed using methods which nourish the body. According to the TCM belief, these methods will nourish the Yin and Blood and improve the quality of eggs. 

How Did The Treatment Help ? 


One of the key treatments methods for Esther was Acupuncture. Acupuncture was used to stimulate the Liver channel, detox and reduce internal stress which was leading to an hormone imbalance and contributing towards infertility. 

Acupuncture works by promoting blood circulation, by selecting specific acupressure points along the body the requiredment nouishment is provided to Kidney Yin and Blood. This improved blood circulation works by boosting the quality of eggs. 

Herbal Tea

GinSen specialised formula was used in this case. This herbal formula work to balance hormones by repairing any imbalances in Liver and Kidney. These also contribute towards the quality of eggs and promote ovaries, uterus and fallionpian tubes to perform at their optimal levels.

Liver Maintenance formula*

Blood Maintenance formula*

* Get in contact to find out more about these herbal tea formulas.

Herbal Supplements

Liver Maintenance 

Liver Maintenance is a 100% natural supplement designed specifically to improve Liver function and Liver health. By improving Liver function these herbal blend supplements that are inspired by the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, gently improve metabolism, reduce Liver stress and symptoms of liver stress.

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Woman’s Life Power 

This is GinSen natural supplement, based on the Classic Formula of Wu Zi Yian Zhong Tang plus other luxury herbal ingredients. It works on the eggs quality, promote highly quality nutrients of fertility hormone level, increase blood circulation and fertility organs function.

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Liver Maintenance formula*

Blood Maintenance formula*

* Get in contact to find out more about these herbal tea formulas.

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