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Isabella* had been trying to conceieve natually for 2 years with no success. She also underwent an Endometriosis following which she decided to opt for IVF to help her conceive. Many published trials and studies the poor IVF success rate in women with Endometriosis. Unfortuantely, this was the case for Isabella too. After failing to become pregnant with IVF she decided to explore other options, including alterntiave medicine, especially Chinese Medicine. She came to visit in at our clinics in London – GinSen Clinic London and in just 4 months she become pregnant after endometriosis surgery and failed IVF. 


Female, age 39

Chinese medicine accompanying with acupuncture, cupping and moxibustion to heal her body, provide the required nutritions to the key reproductive organs to increase her chances of conceiving naturally. 



Western Medicine Diagnosis


Failed IVF

Chronic Asthama 


Chinese Medicine Diagnosis

Qi stagnant and Blood stasis along with Qi and Yin deficiency.


Examination according to Chinese Medicine: 

Tongue: Deep purple, side of tongue had black spots and teeth mark, middle tongue had crack, Tip of tongue was red.

Pulse: Taut, thin , “che mai” was weak and deep


Other background information:

Period Pattern:

Her period was irregular, periods cycle lasted between 21-32 days , bleeding lasted 4-5 days with heavy bleeding for 2 days, a lot of clotting accompnied with cramps. She also experienced PMS before periods comes, such as breast tenderness, bloating and gas, low back pain. During the middle phase of the cycle, her period was light watery discharge, or sometimes no discharge with discomfort in the abdomen area.


Before surgery of Endometriosis:

Isabella’s periods were excessively heavy with heavy bleeding and unberable cramps. 


Other lifestyle contributing factors: 

She experienced regular stress and anxiety accompnied with insomnia, migraine and fatigue.

Due to the nature of her job she did not have regular lifestyle, diet is unhealthy and irregular. Red meat was consumed roughly about 2-3 times a month with very little or no excercise. 


Treatment Plan for Isabella:

Acupuncture ( 30 mins session )

Cupping Session ( 7 – 8 minutes sessions ) 

Moxibustion ( 30 minutes sessions )

Herbal products

Amends in daily diet


Acupuncture, Cupping, Moxibustion was used once a week. Treatment was performed on the back body or front body.

Treatment Plan For Isabella To Help Her Conceive After Failed IVF and Endometriosis Surgery

The treatment plan was divided into 3 steps: 


Step 1 ( 4 – 6 weeks )

During this first phase, emphasis is placed on using methods which help to eliminate toxins, detox the body, clear any blockages, improve blood circulation and improve energy levels. According to TCM belief this is equivilent to eliminating excess liver syndrome, promote Qi and blood flow. This step lasts between 4 – 6 weeks depending on your body’s response. 


Step 2 (4 weeks – 6 weeks )

During the second step focus is placed using method which nourish the body. According to the TCM belief, these methods will tonify Qi and Yin, promote Qi and Yin balance.


Step 3 (4 – 6 weeks onward )

In step 3, once the body has been cleared from the toxins, with improved blood circulation. Methods which concentrate on improving fertility functions such as: ovaries, uterus, fallopian tube function and quality of eggs released by the body.

Which Treatment Methods Are Used During Each Step? 

Acupuncture   ✓  ✓  ✓
Cupping   ✓
Moxibustion   ✓  ✓
Herbal Remedy 

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Liu Wei Di Huang Tang


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Wu Zi Yian Zhong Tang


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