PCOS and Infertility: A Natural Remedy

PCOS and Infertility: A Natural Remedy

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) affects 1 in every 10 women of childbearing age. It is a hormonal imbalance which affects the overall health of women and is also a common cause of infertility. 

What Exactly Is PCOS?

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common issue faced by many women face. It is mainly common in women of childbearing age and affects the way their ovaries work. The ovaries are larger than normal when someone has PCOS, these bigger ovaries have small cysts which hold immature eggs. 

PCOS is caused by an imbalance in the reproductive hormones. Women with PCOS produce a high level of androgens. Androgens are generally referred to as the ‘male hormones’ although these are present in both male and females, in cases of PCOS a women’s body produces high than normal levels of androgens. This leads to a hormone imbalance and interferes with the optimal functioning of the reproductive system. 

How Traditional Chinese Medicine Treats Infertility caused by PCOS 

Based on the founding principle in Traditional Chinese Medicine of  Yin Yang Blanace some of the most common symptoms of PCOS could be cold hand and feet, bloating, wind and chronic fatigue along with a light pink Tongue with teeth marks on both sides. All these symptoms relate to: 

Yang deficiencies of Spleen and Kidney along with internal inflammation. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on treating not only the symptoms but also the root cause of PCOS and infertility.

What kind of treatment will balance spleen and kidney Yang deficiency and eliminate inflammation? 

The treatment plan will focus on treating both the root cause along with the symptoms and will include some changes in lifestyle along with the following treatment:


1. PCOS and Infertility Kit 


2. Lifestyle Changes


Additionally, changes in the patients’ lifestyle are very important. Lifestyle includes, food, drinking, exercise, work, keep warm. Take a look at our blog post on how to reverse PCOS naturally by yourself for more detail.

Can Traditional Chinese Medicine really reverse PCOS condition and help me conceive? 

Yes, Traditional Chinese Medicine can help reverse PCOS condition because none of the conditions are bacterial, virus or autoimmune diseases. The problem lies with the reproductive organs and hormone imbalance. It is simply a case of imbalance in Yin Yang according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a natural approach with no side effects, it has also been in practice for over 3000 years. If you suffer from any of the above symptoms and have been diagnosed by PCOS why not try Chinese Medicine. 

How will the PCOS and Infertility Kit help me? 


PCOS Infertility Kit is specifically designed for women who suffer from PCOS and who are looking for natural ways to balance hormones and improve their chances of conceiving naturally. This kit only contains 100% natural food-based supplements based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine that will help correct imbalances at their source. 


After achieveing a high success rate in our London Clinics, we are proud to make our PCOS infertility kits available for everyone online’


The PCOS Infertility Kit combines three powerful supplements to provide you with the greatest chance of conception. This kit includes women’s life power, fertility boost remedy and ovary maintenance all of which are made from 100% natural ingredients. Each product works a little differently to specifically target areas that need balancing and nourishing. These supplements will help to support hormone balance, regulate periods, and support energy channels that may be blocking your ability to conceive.


Where Can I Buy These Natural PCOS Infertility Kits From 

PCOS infertility kit



PCOS Infertility Kit is designed for women who suffer from PCOS and who are looking for natural ways to support Hormone balance and improve their chances of conceiving naturally.


Also available on eBay and Amazon. 

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