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Natural Supplements For Perimenopause Every Women Needs To Know About 

Perimenopause – a transitional period which happens right before menopause – is a process that affects thousands of women aged between 40–60 years old every day. Women go from having a period every month to a slowing down of the menstrual cycle, with the days between periods getting longer. Not only is it an emotionally demanding period, but it can also be physically taxing where the body undergoes significant changes. During the perimenopause period, women can experience a decrease in hormone levels (including oestrogen and progesterone) which can result symptoms such as in hot flushes, night sweats, low sex drive, mood swings, vaginal dryness and even weight gain.

Perimenopause, is essentially a period of transition it can either be easy or more challenging. Perimenopause can be smooth sailing if you keep an eye on what is throwing your body off balance, notice the signs and symptoms and there are actions you can take such as adding natural supplements for perimenopause to make your perimenopause journey easier. Keep reading to find out the best supplement for perimenopause. 

Life may get better if you decide to make some changes and pay a little more attention to what puts you off balance.

Chinese Medicine View Of Perimenopause

Mild symptoms of hot flashes and an absent period are an indication of a hormone imbalance, TCM practitioners aim to bring balance to the hormones in an effort to help women find relief from symptoms. To do so, a TCM practitioner will work to improve blood flow, rid the body of toxins, and unblock any energy channels that may be causing irregular menstruation. Hormonal cycles are closely related to the energy of the liver and kidney systems. TCM holds that the energy of the Liver and Kidney systems is strongly tied to the body’s hormonal cycles.

The liver’s role is to properly control the flow of Qi as well as the storage of blood for menstruation. When the liver Qi is stagnant or blocked, the symptoms may range from an absent or irregular period to having heavy periods. An excess of liver Qi can result in liver heat if left untreated. Since the liver is also affected by stress, it is important that women hoping to conceive speak with a TCM practitioner to discuss stress management techniques. In addition to stress, there may be toxins and certain types of food which may have a negative effect on the liver.

The vital essence, known as jing, is kept in reserve by the kidneys and deteriorates as we age. Each of us comes into the world with a set quantity of jing that, once used up, cannot be replenished. TCM often targets perimenopause by balancing the liver and tonifying the kidneys.

How can I control perimenopause naturally?

The period of perimenopause can often be a new, scary, and uncertain time for women, and they may go through things that they may not even be aware of and experience, including the shedding of some of their periods. While this perimenopausal period is inevitable for all women and cannot be prevented, there are ways to natural control perimenopause including natural supplement for perimenopause, diet, lifestyle and maintaining good mental health. Additionally, there are natural supplement for perimenopause containing finest natural ingredients which can help women to manage their symptoms during this time, offering support to those that may feel burdened by the physical and emotional changes that occur. Below, you can learn more about how these ingredients can support women during their perimenopausal period.

Ginseng: Ginseng been used as a remedy for centuries because of its healing and restorative properties. It increases energy, boosts immunity, reduces stress and eliminates hot flashes and mood swings. A recent study demonstrated that ginseng can significantly reduce hot flashes, menopausal symptoms, and quality of life in menopausal and peri menopausal women.

Also due to its adaptogenic properties, studies have shown ginseng may also be able to help reduce stress hormones as it has been found to regulate the immune response as well as the hormonal changes that occur due to stress. Ginseng may be able to help promote homeostasis in the body while also reducing symptoms of anxiety.

Learn more about the benefits of Ginseng here.

Siberian Ginseng is an adaptogenic herb which can be added to your daily routine for its various benefits. These Siberian Ginseng tablets help to increase energy levels, reduces fatigue, improves lymphatic function and assist with menopausal and peri menopausal symptoms. 

Soy : When it comes to managing menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes, there have been analysis of 19 studies which showed – soy isoflavone supplements reduced the severity of hot flashes by just over 26 percent, compared to a placebo. Studies have shown that soy (or isoflavones) is capable of reducing the effects of menopausal hot flashes, albeit only slightly and taking longer to see the effect compared to the current standard of care.  Soy contains chemical compounds called isoflavones that have some estrogen-like effects.

Nevertheless, given that soy is more of a natural ingredient compared to the synthetic form of oestrogen, known as estradiol, which is commonly used in the clinic, is it an ingredient to consider in natural supplements to manage the perimenopausal period should women want a more natural method for controlling their symptoms.

Black Cohosh : Black cohosh, in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been viewed as cooling herb. This makes it particularly useful in balancing yin energy in menopausal or perimenopausal women, especially when the symptoms of kidney yin deficiency present. When yin deficiency is present you will experience symptoms such as dryness and stiffness, can cause insomnia, night sweats, hot flashes, and irritability. As an adaptogen (an herb that helps your body withstand stress), black cohosh can help reduce these symptoms without making you feel sleepy or sluggish during the day. Learn more about the benefits of Black Cohosh for menopause here.

Black Cohosh tablets by GinSen are formulated for perimenopause and menopause. This powerful herb reduces any imbalances in the hormone estrogen and provides relief from symptoms including hot flashes, mood swings, cramps, vaginal dryness, and excessive sweating. By getting to the root cause, Black Cohosh tablets support transition through menopause, calms the mind and eases stress.

Dong Quai :  Dong Quai ( Angelica Sinensis ) is a popular herb used in Traditional Chinese Medicine that holds a number of health benefits. This herb is most commonly viewed as an herb to support women’s health. Traditionally women have been taking Dong Quai to help them provide relief from symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats as well as mood swings.  More and more studies are starting to recognise the benefits of Dong Quai. 

Learn about more benefits of Dong Quai here

dong quai supplements

Dong Quai or Angelica sinensis has been used for centuries in Chinese Medicine. It is rich in compounds with anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulating effects, and the dong quai pills can be added to your daily routine for its many health benefits. Often coined as “women’s fertility herb” or “female ginseng” this powerful herb is used to balance female hormones and menstrual cycle as well as menopause. 

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