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Understanding Menstrual Cycle – Yin Yang Phase

The quality of a women’s menstrual cycle according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can tell us everything we need to know about a women’s fertility and general health. Understanding these cycles and being more mindful towards the phase of cycle your body is in allows you to adapt your behaviour and take advantage for a better balanced body, mind and enhanced fertility.

The female reproductive system can be affected by our day to day activities – from what we eat, our environment, exercise, emotions such as stress. Which is why majority of the women in China believe that it is vital to take certain actions to manage their menstrual cycle better. 

It is when an imbalance or deficiency is present in the body that issues or diseases will arise. Based on this belief Chinese Medicine aims to get your body back into balance. There are extremely effective herbs, which now even come in supplement form along with methods such as acupuncture and moxibustion which work to regulate hormones and any other menstrual issues.

Healthy Menstrual Cycle

A healthy menstrual cycle requires unobstructed flow of Qi, Blood, balanced Yin-Yang. It also involves Kidney essence (known as jing) optimal functioning of Spleen and Kidney.

  • Regularity of menstrual cycle ( between 28 – 30 days )
  • Duration of menstrual period ( 4 – 7 days )
  • Volume of menstrual flow
  • Colour, texture, odour of menstrual flow ( dark red with no or little clotting )

A women body is most fertile during the ovulation period, understanding your menstrual cycle will allow you to make changes in your day to day life and give you the best chance of conceiving naturally and even better managing PMS symptoms. 

The Menstrual Phases in Chinese Medicine

Your period cycle is divided into 4 phases just like earth’s 4 seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Think of you eggs like seeds, they require all the right conditions at the right time to grow and blossom. Similarly in the case of eggs, the right hormones are required at the right time during the menstrual cycle for the egg to grow and ovulate.

As we age the quality and quantity of eggs our body releases diminishes however, one thing we can take charge of is the environment in which the eggs grow. Just by understanding your cycle and making changes to your behaviour, lifestyle and adapting to be more in rhythm with the nature can boost your fertility and chances of conceiving naturally.

Unfortunately, getting to the ovulation stage can be challenging if conditions such as Endometriosis and PCOS are present.

Chinese Medicine breaks down the menstrual cycle into 2 halves. By understanding and adapting to this cycle you can work towards more balanced hormones and increased fertility if you are looking to conceive. It also works to improve your overall wellbeing.

Yin Phase (follicular phase) =  From the 1st day of menstruation until ovulation 

Yang Phase (luteal phase) = From the day of ovulation until 1st day of menstruation 

Yin Phase

Menstruation and Post Menstruation 


Menstruation: This is the phase when your body releases accumulated blood and makes way for new blood to form. The blood that moves should move downwards without any obstructions. As your body loses a large amount of blood, it leads to blood and Qi deficiency. This is also the time when the uterine lining sheds from the body, having free flowing Qi and blood allows the lining to fully discharge and reduce symptoms arising from the deficiencies.

Post Menstruation: After your body loses blood during Menstruation phase, in the post menstruation it tries to build blood along with Qi and Yi. Yin is associated with moisture, which is useful if you are looking to conceive as it provides nourishment to the uterus and assists in the development of follicles. 

Aim During this phase:

Nourish blood and yin and invigorate free flow of Qi


Spicy food, alcohol and cold food such as salads as well as cold drinks should be avoided. Eat more rich nutritious foods such as meat, tofu, black mushroom and black fungus, hot soup. 


Avoid intense exercise such as swimming, running weight lifting. Stay warm and hydrated. It is a good time in the phase to rest and avoid long hours of work.

Fertility: Making small changes mentioned above in your life during this phase of the cycles allows your body to rebalance and fertility organs to recover. 

Learn more about TCM’s view on fertility and Menstrual Cycle directly from our expert team!

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Yang Phase

Ovulation and Post Ovulation


During Ovulation: A woman’s body is most fertile during the ovulation phase. Body’s ability to release healthy eggs are central to conceiving, there are small adjustments you can make to increase your chances of conceiving . This is the phase when yang energy begins to rise and becomes dominant. Yang is warm and drying, the warmth supports and allows for better blood flow, this allows the eggs to be released and travel down to the fallopian tube without any obstruction. The Yin phase, on the other hand, is cooling and moist, being aware of this change and making adjustments to your day to day life to switch from the Yin phase to the Yang phase will help you work towards a more balanced body and mind along with improved fertility. 

Post Ovulation: By the time your body gets closer to the end of this phase. PMS symptoms will arise this is due to Qi stagnation. Towards the end of this phase the body is ready to move blood again and move into Yin Phase. 


Aim: Promote Yang energy, Blood and Invigorate free flow of Qi



Consume foods that are high Yang and Jing nutrition. Foods such as: Meat: beef, lamb, salmon, kings prawns, monkfish. Vegetables: Tofu, black fungus and black mushroom, seaweed. Fruits: Kiwi, Orange, Strawberries. Nuts or Dry fruits: Goji Berries, Walnut, Pecans.


Fertility: Adapting to these changes and encouraging Yang energy is crucial if you are looking to conceive. This warming energy promotes the movement of blood and Qi, along with supporting ovulation and implantation.

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