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Is Your Uterus Too Cold To Conceive 

Cold Uterus is very often the root cause behind fertility struggles. If you are having difficulty conceiving and feel like you have tried just about everything, it may be time to take a bit of a different approach and look deeper into the issue. So, what exactly is a cold uterus and how do you warm up a cold uterus to improve fertility? Keep reading to find out. 

The uterus plays a very large role in the ability to conceive. From the shape of the uterus to certain congenital uterus defects, they all can play a role in fertility. However, body temperature plays a major role in causing infertility. In Chinese Medicine cold uterus or cold womb is a very common phenomenon. 


A Warm Uterus is a Happy Uterus!

Uterus ( also known as womb ) is a hollow, pear-shaped organ in a woman’s pelvis. The uterus is where a fetus develops and grows and is also responsible for a women’s menstrual cycle. The body temperature is a very important part in Traditional Chinese Medicine, warming energy is known as Yang. Yang is the warming energy which also supports proper hormonal response in order to help facilitate reproduction. 

When it comes to body temperature and fertility, a warm uterus or warm womb is essential for maintaining a nourishing home for the baby. 

A warm uterus also plays a role in your ability to conceive. You may have heard of women tracking their body temperature as an indication of when they are ovulating and fertile. During the second half of a woman’s menstrual cycle (the luteal phase) a spike in progesterone raises body temperature. This is done to help with implantation if a woman does conceive. Having coldness in body could certainly impact the uterus and infertility could be the result. 


Signs of Cold Uterus (Yang Deficiency)

When we talk about the cold uterus and infertility, talking about signs of a yang deficiency is important. Having a kidney yang deficiency can lead to low progesterone levels and can cause poor blood circulation. All of this can affect the uterus and your ability to conceive.


Some of the signs and symptoms of a cold uterus (yang deficiency):

  • Feeling cold
  • Having cold hands and feet
  • Lack of libido
  • Fatigue
  • Urinating more often than usual
  • Low basal body temperature during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle


Chinese Medicine for Cold Uterus and Infertility

The great news is that Traditional Chinese Medicine can certainly help with the cold uterus and infertility issues. Using natural Chinese Medicine methods can help prevent or treat a cold uterus (yang deficiency).


Warming the uterus helps improve fertility and healthy conception by: 

  • Improves uterus lining
  • Acts as a catalyst for ovulation
  • Increases embryo plantation conditions
  • Unexplained fertility concerns
  • Reduces chances of miscarriage
  • Increases IVF success rate
  • Improves quality of eggs  
  • Warming up cold uterus ( creating the desired temperature for an embryo to flourish)
  • Reduces Menstrual discomfort (period cramps, heavy period flow, inflammation of the pelvic area)


How do you treat cold in the uterus?

Here are some natural ways to warm up a cold uterus to improve fertility and promote a healthy uterus. 


1. Lifestyle Changes:

Changing your environment could help improve body temperature. You can start by making simple changes like increasing the temperature in your home or office to help prevent yourself from getting too cold if you live in a cold country. 

Chinese Medicine has long believed that cold feet can relate to a cold Uterus. Cold hands and feet are a big sign of yang deficiency ( lack of warm energy ). Meridians that start in your feet connect to the reproductive organs. So keeping your feet warm is very important. Wear warmer clothes,keep your feet warm with slippers, warm socks or take warm foot soaks. You can even use heating pads and hot water bottles on your abdomen when you are feeling cold. 


2. Moxibustion: 

Moxibustion is an ancient technique which involves burning of a herb (mugwort) on or close to the skin to eliminate cold, strengthen the blood, stimulate the flow of Qi and maintain general health. Moxibustion is commonly paired with acupuncture to boost Kidney Yang and treat cold womb/ uterus. 

Moxibustion for cold uterus is full of anecdotal reports of women who decide to use moxibustion for infertility and had amazing results. 

Now a day Moxibustion is carried out using Moxa sticks and can be done in the comfort of your own home, however, we do recommend seeking consultation for your nearest TCM practitioner to help you understand the key points on your body. Moxa sticks for Moxibustion at home can be purchased here. 


3. Diet:

Dietary changes are also important. If your body is yang deficient, you can start by including as many warming foods in your diet. It is also a good idea to consume more cooked foods because food absorbs the heat of cooking and generates body heat along with stimulating circulation.

Consume warm food and beverages such as:

    • Drink warm beverages such as ginger tea or hot water with lemon
    • Eat warm cooked food 
    • Avoid cold and raw foods such as salads 
    • Avoid cold drinks
    • Foods like dairy, seafood and meat are also warming for the body
    • Ingredients such as white pepper, ginger, garlic and walnuts also have warming properties 


4. Acupressure points:

Acupressure is a type of massage that uses gentle manipulation and fingers and palm pressure. Pressure will be applied to various points on the body that are connected by energy pathways known as acupuncture meridians. Using various rhythms and techniques can stimulate, unblock, and balance vital energy flow. It recommended to have acupuncture paired with moxibustion and acupressure for the best uterus warming results. 

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