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Laura has been trying to get pregnant for over 3 years she tried IVF a couple of times, unfortunately, the IVF was not successful for her. She had a very high pressured job, which would leave her stress even after the working hours. In fact, stress can be one of the underlying reasons for infertility, this was certainly the case for Laura. After failed IVF she decided to seek alternative treatments that is when she visited GinSen clinic and in the hope that Chinese Medicine would be able to help her conceive … it took Laura just 8 weeks until she became pregnant after visiting GinSen. 

Female, age 36 

Chinese medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion along with reflexology to relax her body, balance her hormones and get the fertility organs working at their optimum level to give her the highest chance of conceiving. 



Western Medicine Diagnosis

Poor quality eggs released by the body 


Chinese Medicine Diagnosis

Liver Qi stagnant and Blood stasis, Yin and Qi deficiency leading to a Hormone imbalance. 

Examination according to Chinese Medicine: 

Tongue: Red with a thin body

Pulse:  Very rapid, taut and thin

Other Symptoms: Irregular periods, a light period when she did have them, painful cramps before the period, sometimes didn’t ovulate along with a poor quality of sleep. 


Treatment Plan for Michelle:

Acupuncture: Twice a week, 30 minutes per session



Irregular Periods & Infertility Kit 

Recommended Products ( included in the kit )

Women’s Life Power 

Menstrual Maintenance 

Fertility Remedy No. 1 

See more information about these products, kit and where to purchase them below. 

The aim of the treatment

The treatment plan included sessions of acupuncture, moxibustion and reflexology which promotes blood circulation and unblocks energy channels. As Lauras’s body was stressed, this would also help relax her body. Her periods were also often irregular, Irregular periods can happen due to stress. Stress can cause Liver dysfunction leading hormone imbalance and infertility. 

Chinese Medicine used in this particular case was – Irregular period and Infertility Kit the products used during this treatment ( which are now available to buy online) help the fertility organs to operate at their optimum level, produce better quality eggs, uterus line and improve ovulation. All these work together to help you conceive naturally. 

How do the products in the irregular period and infertility kit work? 

infertility due to stress kit

infertility due to stress

Not sure how it works? get help from our TCM specialists!

Recommended Product

Irregular Periods and Infertility Kit

GinSen’s Irregular Periods and Infertility Kit is designed for women who suffered from irregular periods caused infertility. Irregular periods can happen due to stress. Stress can cause Liver dysfunction leading hormone imbalance and infertility. This kit is designed for regulating periods and promoting egg health. It also helps to support IVF preparation and promote natural conception

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