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How To Boost Your Fertility Using Bone Broth

If you’re looking to boost fertility, look no further than your very own kitchen. Bone broth has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 3,000 years for its high nutrient profile and ability to aid your body with many of its natural functions. Among other health benefits, bone broth can boost your fertility, increase your success rate when undergoing IVF and ensure a smooth pregnancy.


What Is Bone Broth?

Similar to stock, bone broth is made by simmering animals bones and connective tissues, considered to be a powerful healer, it thought to improve fertility due to its vitamin-rich properties and its ability to nourish and tonify the body’s energy levels.

Bone broth could be pork, chicken and other animal bones boiled together in water, along with various herbs and vegetables on a low heat until the bones dissolve into the water.

According to Chinese Medicine theory, beef is said to Tonify blood, pork tonifies qi and chicken tonifies yin. Bone broth is used to tonify blood and qi which ensures that conception can take place because qi, blood and yin must be present for a woman to become pregnant. When there is not enough blood or qi in women it can lead to delayed menstruation and other menstrual problems such as heavy bleeding, spotting between periods or even no periods at all.Another symptom of not having enough blood may be severe fatigue that continues on throughout her cycle. These are all key factors for reproductive health in both men and women. 

bone broth fertility
Bone broth offers several benefits, including boosting your fertility, improving your hair and skin, and helping heal your gut. You can drink it as-is or use it in recipes to get the maximum benefits from this superfood.

How Does Bone Broth Aid Fertility

1. Healthy Hormones

Bone broth contains many amino acids (proteins) that are essential for balancing hormones to allow your body to prepare the optimal conditions for conception. For example, bone broth provides proline and glycine, which make up around 50% of the amino acids in the protein collagen. Collagen can help maintain strong bones and healthy joints, which can help you when you do become pregnant as your body adjusts to carrying the weight of your growing baby.

Additionally, bone broth using fish bones provides iodine which, among other benefits, can regulate hormones.


2. Strengthens Gut Lining and Improves Digestion

Bone broth contains gelatine, which is an incredible nutrient you can’t get from non-animal sources. Gelatine is a protein that aids the movement of food through your digestive tract while protecting your gut lining. Maintaining a healthy gut contributes to good overall health. When you are in good health, your body can use its energy to maintain a healthy reproductive system rather than fighting infection.


3. Improved Immune System

The nutrients found in bone broth can help give your body a head start in fighting infection, disease, the common cold and other illnesses.


4. Enhanced Sleep and Energy

Bone broth contains several nutrients, minerals, proteins and healthy fats that aid your body. One particular nutrient is magnesium which your body uses for energy production while converting food into energy. Therefore, consuming bone broth can improve your energy levels, which is essential as your body undergoes the physical stress of carrying a child.


5. Reduced Stress

Trying to conceive can cause stress to your body and your relationship, especially if things aren’t going as you had anticipated. Although bone broth is a comforting drink, it cannot eliminate these stresses from your life. However, it can provide several nutrients that can help reduce the effects of stress, making it easier to cope with the pressure of trying to get pregnant.


6. Healthy Pregnancy

Although all nutrients are essential when pregnant, some are more key during the early stages of pregnancy while your baby is developing. This includes some nutrients found in bone broth such as calcium, iodine, iron, folate and vitamin D. If you suffer from morning sickness, drinking bone broth is also an excellent way to increase nutrient uptake when struggling to keep food down.

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Bone Broth Nutritional Information

Of course, it is not possible to know the exact nutrient profile for bone broth in general, as each batch will contain slightly different nutrients. However, no matter what animal bones or additional ingredients are used, bone broth is highly nutritious.


Bone broth contains essential nutrients, such as:



All animal bones contain calcium in abundance. Calcium is an essential nutrient for maintaining strong bones and teeth and healthy muscles and nerves. Therefore, calcium is a nutrient developing babies rely on while they are growing inside their mothers.

●     Magnesium

As mentioned, magnesium aids the growth and maintenance of bones, nerves, muscles and a healthy immune system.

●     Potassium

Potassium is one of the most underrated minerals that the body needs to function. As an electrolyte, it can maintain blood pressure, preserve muscle mass and support a healthy heart.

     Vitamin A

As well as supporting a healthy immune system, vitamin A can also aid growth and development, maintain good vision and support strong bones.

●     Iodine

Bone broth made with fish will contain iodine, which is critical to balance when maintaining a healthy thyroid and regulating hormones.

●     Collagen

Studies have shown that collagen can help maintain healthy joints, support your immune system, aid brain function and support healthy muscle and bones. These benefits can all help you with a smooth pregnancy.

●     Glutamine

L-glutamine has anti-inflammatory properties to help you fight infection during pregnancy.

●     Omega-3, Fatty Acids

Bone broth made with beef bone marrow contains a source of healthy fats, including omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to help with inflammation in the body.

Bone Broth For Fertility Recipe


It couldn’t be easier to make a batch of bone broth at home.

Ingredients For Bone Broth:

  • 2-4 kg animal bones (preferably organic)
  • 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar (with the mother)
  • 1 onion (quartered, without skin)
  • 1 carrot
  • 2-3 sticks of celery
  • Herbs of your choice
  • A small handful of peppercorns

How To Make Bone Broth To Improve Your Fertility:

  1. Add ingredients to a slow cooker or pressure cooker.
  2. Cover with cold water (preferably filtered) until the bones and vegetables are completely submerged.
  3. Simmer until bones have disintegrated. In a slow cooker, it will take approximately 24 hours if you are using chicken bones or 48 hours if you are using beef bones. However, if you use an instant pot or pressure cooker, your bone may only need 2-8 hours.
  4. Strain the liquid through a mesh sieve.
  5. Store in a container in the fridge.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Beef Or Chicken Bone Broth Better For Fertility?

The type of bones used to make the bone broth will affect the nutrient profile of the end product. For example, beef bone broth may be higher in concentrations of essential nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids, due to the beef bones being denser than chicken bones. Fortunately, both chicken and beef bone broth contain reasonable amounts of collagen.


When To Drink Bone Broth For Fertility

There is no optimal time to consume your bone broth in the day. Many women like to start the day with a warm mug of bone broth to ensure they always fuel their bodies with the essential nutrients bone broth provides. However, you may prefer to use your bone broth in your cooking and consume it in your meals.


Homemade Vs. Store-Bought Bone Broth For Fertility

You should be able to capitalise on the health benefits of bone broth, whether you choose to make your own or purchase a store-bought bone broth to save time. However, if you decide to buy a pre-made broth, please choose an all-natural bone broth made with organic animal bones to ensure you can receive all the health benefits to aid your fertility and pregnancy.



Bone broth is a wonderful addition to a healthy balanced diet when improving your chances of conceiving naturally or through IVF due to the high level of essential nutrients, healthy fats, proteins and collagen.

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