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Hawthorn for Weight Loss: Do Hawthorn Supplement Work?

In the realm of weight loss, countless remedies and approaches have emerged over the years, each promising to be the ultimate solution. One such ingredient that has gained attention in recent times is hawthorn. While its use as a medicinal herb dates back centuries, hawthorn supplement has recently caught the eye of those seeking natural alternatives for weight management. Hawthorn and hawthorn berry have been known to offer many health benefits, but does the plant really help with weight loss? In this article we will dive deeper into hawthorn for weight loss and hawthorn supplement and its benefits.

Hawthorn Berry For Weight Loss  

Hawthorn, scientifically known as Shan Zha. Its therapeutic properties have been recognised for centuries in various traditional medicine systems, including Chinese medicine. According to Chinese medicine principles, hawthorn is believed to have a cooling and dispersing effect on the body, making it useful for conditions such as weight-related issues.


• Digestive Aid: In Chinese medicine, hawthorn is often used to support digestion and improve the absorption of nutrients. Acts on tonifying the spleen to promote digestion. Recent studies have found that hawthorn has a profound effect on the body’s metabolism. A hawthorn supplement can tonify the spleen and liver, inhibiting enzymes like ACAT and HMGR. As these enzymes are inhibited, the body undergoes a reduction in platelet aggregation and reduces total lipid inclusions in both the liver and spleen.

By regulating digestive enzymes, hawthorn can help regulate the body’s metabolic rate and promote better digestion. A healthy digestive system plays a crucial role in weight management, as it ensures the proper breakdown and utilisation of food. By enhancing digestion, hawthorn may indirectly contribute to weight loss efforts.


• Remove blood stasis, excess heat and dampness: Of all the Chinese medicine natural remedies, hawthorn berry is the most commonly recommended supplement for weight management, fat reduction, and digestive problems. Specifically, hawthorn can help restore the flow of Qi in the body by activating blood circulation and treating blood stasis. By reducing excess heat and dampness in the body’s central meridians, many Chinese medical professionals have concluded using hawthorn for weight loss can be effective.


• Yin Yang balance: In TCM, the hawthorn berry can help regulate Yin/Yang deficiencies. As it reduces excess heat, this digestive supplement can have a profound impact on restoring the natural flow of energy and Qi in the body, which helps speed up the metabolic rate and overall digestive process.

Other Health Benefits of Hawthorn

Outside of general weight loss and fat reduction, there are many different health benefits that hawthorn offers.

1. Antioxidant Benefits

The hawthorn plant contains multiple different antioxidant flavonoids that may additionally help the body’s digestive and cardiovascular processes. Hawthorn berries have been found to have a high antioxidant capacity. In a study  Chinese hawthorn was found to be a potent source of flavonoid antioxidants


2. Improves Blood Pressure

As hawthorn can help re-activate the flow of Qi and blood in the body, improved blood pressure is commonly experienced as an additional health benefit of taking the supplement. A number of different studies have concluded that hawthorn can tremendously help increase coronary artery blood flow which lowers blood pressure. These same studies found that on average, hawthorn will lower blood pressure in people with mild hypertension after taking the supplement for at least 12 weeks.

Given the positive impact hawthorn has on the body’s blood flow and pressure, it may help additional cardiovascular issues, such as irregular heart rhythms and circulatory disorders. Certain studies have also suggested that hawthorn may also help patients’ abilities to exercise post congestive heart failure.


3. Improved LDL Cholesterol and Lipid Profile

Recent studies have concluded that hawthorn may be used as a suitable treatment for individuals with high LDL cholesterol specifically. The herb may also be used as an effective remedy for multiple different metabolic hyperlipidemia syndromes. In addition to helping regulate blood pressure, hawthorn may also improve cholesterol and lipid profile because of the way it interacts with the gut microbiome composition.


4. Reduction of Stress and Anxiety

While hawthorn is most known for its impact on the cardiovascular system, it can subsequently have a positive impact on the nervous system too. During periods of stress, anxiety, and depression, hawthorn has long been used as an effective herbal treatment by both TCM and western medicine professionals. In a recent study, hawthorn as a stress and anxiety supplement was compared to a placebo; results showed that those who took a hawthorn supplement regularly experienced significantly reduced stress and anxiety compared to the control group.

Recommended Hawthorn Supplement

Shan Zha Slim

This popular herbal supplement directly addresses weight loss by lowering cholesterol and detoxifying the body’s digestive system. Hawthorn berry is one the main ingredients in Shan Zha Slim, a supplement that supports weight loss, promotes blood flow, and improves digestion.

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Detox Remedy

For individuals struggling with weight loss, the supplement Detox Remedy has become a popular and effective treatment option. This blend of herbal remedies allows consumers to experience the benefits of multiple natural supplements. Not only can it help improve weight loss, but can also eliminate toxins and heat that’s accumulated in the body.

Detox Remedy also contains added magnesium which, Like hawthorn, can also help regulate the body’s circulatory system and improve many of the same conditions (high blood pressure, BMI, diabetes, etc.). A 2013 clinical trial found that magnesium supports weight loss by helping control insulin and glucose blood levels in the body. Similarly, magnesium can also help individuals experiencing bloating.

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Hawthorn, deeply rooted in Chinese medicine, offers potential benefits for weight loss. While it may aid digestion, regulate blood lipids, suppress appetite, and boost energy, it should be seen as part of a comprehensive approach to weight management. Understanding the principles of Chinese medicine and seeking guidance from professionals will help harness the potential of hawthorn in a safe and effective manner. Remember, achieving sustainable weight loss involves making lifestyle changes that promote overall well-being.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We can’t guarantee the treatment result, as the symptoms of conditions are unpredictable and vary greatly from person to person. The treatment length and recovery time also varies for individual. Please visit our consultation page where a specialists will discuss your care and provide a consultation, and the treatment will be designed to meet your individual needs.

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