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Fertility Myths VS Fertility Facts

Navigating the complexities of fertility can be a daunting journey, especially when bombarded with an abundance of information, much of which can be conflicting or misleading. Often, unsolicited medical advice is something that goes with the territory while trying to conceive, sometimes in the form of fertility myths.

In contrast, amidst the sea of misconceptions, lies a treasure trove of fertility facts grounded in evidence, medical expertise, and holistic understanding. Distinguishing between fertility myths and fertility facts is important for individuals seeking to boost their reproductive potential and embark on the journey to parenthood with clarity and confidence. Traditional Chinese Medicine is often part of any conversation related to boosting fertility. This quick read will explore TCM fertility facts as well as common myths about getting pregnant.

Common Fertility Facts and Conception Myths

Fertility Declines Rapidly After 35 : FICTION

While it is a fact that fertility may decline with age, Chinese medicine believes that age is just one of many factors affecting fertility. Lifestyle, emotional health, and overall well-being also play significant roles.

One way to extend or strengthen fertility is by nourishing our kidneys, which store a substance called Jing, or “essence.” While Jing declines over age, making healthy lifestyle choices can help restore and strengthen this essence and promote fertility and conception.  It is a common fertility myth that a rapid decline occurs, and there are many positive choices we can make to increase conception odds.


Emotional Health is Crucial for TTC : FACT

fertility myths vs fertility facts

A body of research has shown that engaging in stress reduction leads to more positive pregnancy outcomes. While the connection between quality of life and health is related to lifestyle choices, stress plays a role. Stress can harm liver tissues, and can also exacerbate existing liver disorders. The liver helps fluids move through the body, and the goal should be to keep this organ free of congestion. It is a fertility fact that stress reduction and emotional balance will promote fertility.


FACT Acupuncture Can Support Fertility : FACT

Acupuncture is often used with Chinese herbal medicine to support fertility by promoting the smooth flow of Qi and blood, balancing hormones, and reducing stress.

In a meta-analysis of Acupuncture studies, researchers found a benefit to Acupuncture when related to successful conceptions and live births. While more research is being conducted, it is important to note that Acupuncture has a low incidence of negative side effects or risks.


Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine are Incompatible : FICTION

fertility myths vs fertility facts

While Western and Chinese medicine have different approaches, they can complement each other in fertility treatment. Many couples choose to integrate both approaches for comprehensive care. This review concluded that using TCM as a complementary therapy to Western Medicine may be more effective than standalone treatment. It is another one of many fertility myths that these modalities cannot be combined.


Sleep May Affect Your Fertility : FACT

It has been well-established that sleep and fertility are intertwined. Scientists have even established a correlation between female night-shift workers and altered menstrual cycles. The immune system and reproductive systems are closely intertwined with hormones and pathways, thus creating a significant relationship that can be affected by imbalances. It is a fact that enough sleep helps to boost the immune system and reduce inflammation, both factors that promote fertility.


Pineapple can Increase fertility : FICTION

fertility myths vs fertility facts

While pineapple is a nutritious food, with plentiful vitamins, fiber, and natural sugars, it is one of the many conception myths that pineapple increases the chances of becoming pregnant. There’s some anecdotal evidence suggesting that consuming pineapple, particularly the core which contains bromelain, might have some benefits for fertility. Bromelain is an enzyme that may have anti-inflammatory properties and could potentially support implantation. However, scientific studies specifically linking pineapple consumption to increased fertility are limited.


Keeping  feet warm helps with fertility : FACT

fertility myths vs fertility facts

As blood circulates through the body, colder extremities such as the hands and feet may alter the temperature of the blood. Keeping the feet warm will keep blood at a higher temperature as it flows through the uterus and reproductive organs. A fertilized egg requires a warm environment to grow and thrive. This is another example of fertility facts from TCM, and providing a warm place for your eggs to develop and grow will contribute to increased conception chances.


Most answered by TCM Specialists:

Is there a 100% chance of getting pregnant on ovulation day?

The likelihood of conception increases progressively, reaching 27-33% during the three days preceding and including ovulation.

Has anyone become pregnant two days before ovulation?

Yes, it is possible to conceive two days before ovulation. Sperm can live inside the female reproductive tract for up to five days, which means that intercourse two days before ovulation can result in pregnancy.

Do hot showers affect male fertility?

Yes, hot showers can affect male fertility. In hot showers or baths for long time, can elevate the temperature of the testes, which may impair sperm production and reduce sperm quality.

fertility myths vs fertility facts

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