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The Dandelion is a plant found all over the globe and used in many types of ways, including food and medicine. It is often used as a natural antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti-infection remedy within Traditional Chinese Medicine and other holistic practices. In Chinese medicine, the Dandelion can be used for skin conditions, indigestion, common colds, flu, urinary tract infection (UTI), lung infections, fevers, eye infections and chest infections.

Studies have found that dandelion extract has an antiviral and antimicrobial effect, thus, making it an antibacterial agent. Such properties are very important for management of Covid-19 symptoms because the host inflammatory response is a major cause of lung damage. 

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, there has been a growing interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Studies have suggested that TMC, alone or combined with western treatments, improves symptoms related to Covid-19 and other respiratory illnesses. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, it is reported that more than 3,000 TCM practitioners across China have been sent into Wuhan and collaborated with doctors of western medicine to control the spread of the disease.

In Wuhan China, the Dandelion is considered one of the most effective ingredients in many successful herbal formulas created to fight Covid-19. It is available in many forms such as teas, extracts, ointments, powders and dried organic root.

The Dandelion can also mixed with other herbal ingredients, such as: 

Lian Hua Qing Wun Jiao Lang

Yin Qiao Jie Du Pian

Ganmao Qingre Keli

Huang Lian Shang Qing Wan Jia Jian Fang

Learn more about how dandelion works directly from our TCM experts!

The Dandelion has been commonly used long before Covid-19 but the outbreak has certainly increased the popularity of the plant, due to a deeper interest in alternative medicine. The SARS-CoV outbreak in 2002 prompted an increase in the usage of Chinese medicine and it was also treated predominantly using TCM, with Dandelions playing a crucial role. Many reports can be found that support the use of Dandelions in preventing and treating Covid-19, it also has very less hazardous side effect compared to the drug which is used for medical purposes since it is a plant. 

The Dandelion or “Pu Gong Ying” is used to help with: 

  • Fevers
  • Remove toxicity from the body 
  • Remove dampness
  • Support the lungs, liver, and urinary system
  • Improve the health of the skin.

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