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Chinese Medicine For Placenta Previa

Placenta previa (PP) is a clinical condition characterised by the complete or partial cervix covering – the passage to the uterus. Placenta previa can lead to obstructions and in sever cases cause bleeding during pregnancy and delivering the baby. 

In a normal pregnancy around the 32 weeks mark, the placenta has usually moved away from the cervix, allowing the mother to deliver vaginally. However, when a woman is diagnosed with this condition due to the obstruction, they are usually recommended to deliver the baby via a C section rather than risking  life of both the mother and the baby through natural vaginal birth. The positive thing is that the majority of the cases of Placenta Previa can be diagnosed early in the pregnancy and Chinese medicine can help mothers through their pregnancy journey. 

Chinese Medicine’s View Of Placenta Previa

According to traditional Chinese medicine, Placenta previa may be caused by something called ‘Sinking Qi’. 

The term’ sinking of Qi’ refers to yang deficiency in the spleen.

The yang energy of the spleen is dynamic, warming, and lifting in nature. And placenta previa is associated with its depletion. Traditional Chinese medicine experts explain this as the individual’s energy being linked to the spleen’s energy. Hence if an individual’s spleen feels tired, it may result in the individual feeling tired. This may also be referred to as the sinking of Qi.

The spleen holds an important role in traditional Chinese medicine, but it is important in western medicine. Experts believe it to be linked to the promotion of immunity, digestion, and the overall health of females. It improves health by producing blood cells, immunity by its involvement in the lymphatic flow, and women healthy due to its regulation of the blood reserves. The spleen is believed to govern the uterus and regulate the contents of the blood like Iron Ferritin, Platelets, and some clotting factors.

Experts believe the strength of the spleen is required for a healthy pregnancy.

A healthy female requires a good blood supply to every cell in her body and a strong energy level. This blood flow regulation is required for fertility, allows the female to conceive more easily, and ensures nutritional supply to reach the baby via blood and sustain a healthy pregnancy.


Placenta Previa Treatment & Solution for Sinking Qi 


Chinese medicine may offer a more holistic and conservative approach to the management of placenta previa. Chinese Medicine experts do this with herbal medicine, the function of Chinese Medicine is to increase body’s energy levels and promote circulation.

The main priority with any treatment is the safety of the baby and the mother, so very gentle methods are used life the sinking Qi. Always consult with a qualified TCM practitioner before undertaking any treatments. Ensure the Chinese Medicine practitioner you visit is qualified, registered member of BAcC and has equivalent license. 

Diet Recommendation


According to Chinese medicine, the body’s digestion is associated with the Spleen and the Stomach Qi. When the stomach receives the food, it ripens and sends it to the spleen. The pure part of the foods received by the spleen is further processed, transformed, and transported to the heart and lungs for conversion to blood and Qi.

To keep the spleen energy high in Placenta Previa, the individuals should also vary the diet they take. To consume a diet that is spleen friendly, they should:

  • Avoid the consumption of ultra-processed foods, such as fast foods as they may increase the inflammatory activities in the body
  • Avoid the consumption of foods that are cold or iced. They may include iced sodas, iced water ice creams. The coldness of these foods may lead to a reduction of the digestive fire in the body. Hence, the body will have to work harder to digest the foods, further diminishing spleen energy.
  • Consume fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and animal proteins like fish, eggs, and turkey due to their higher anti-inflammatory potential
  • Avoid consumption of milk-based products like yogurt, cheese, or ice cream as they may lead to a greater dampness in the body.

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