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Deeper Understanding Of Chinese Medicine For Fertility

Chinese Medicine has helped many couples to achieve pregnancy for thousands of years.

Hundreds of herbs have been identified and used extensively along with acupuncture, massage, diet and lifestyle modification helping couples conceive. Chinese Medicine has been gaining popularity in the west, in fact, Chinese Medicine is relatively non- invasive and can sometimes offer a better success rate for less cost when compared to other treatments such as IVF.  

In our older posts we have highlighted tips, tricks, natural methods, herbs and products to integrate in your daily life to improve your fertility however in this article we are going to dig a little deeper for those that are interested in how the suggested methods actually work and which organs play what part in fertility based on Chinese Medicine belief.

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Chinese Medicine fertility system consist with three organs of Liver, Kidney, Spleen. These 3 organs play a crucial role in fertility and each carry out different roles. 

We believe by improving the functions of these fertility organs fertility can be boosted and also extended by as much as 5 to 10 years. Chinese Medicine for fertility can offer a natural alternative solution to your fertility struggles.

Common Chinese Medicine Diagnosis for Infertility


In Chinese Medicine Liver is responsible for the ‘push’ that starts the menstruation and ovulation


Liver is in charge of emotion, free movement of Qi ( energy ) through energy channels . Here Qi is ‘Vital Qi’ which means it forms part of the essential the nutrients required by the body according to Chinese Medicine namely, Qi, Blood, Yin and Yang.

Liver stores blood and releases on regular basis, that is periods cycle, balance body system. If there is a stagnation in the Liver Qi this will result in Nutrition deficiency and accumulation of toxins. 


Liver Qi stagnation = Nutrition deficiency, accumulation of toxins.


When your body experiences emotional stress, Liver Qi function is damaged. Failed Liver function could result to irregular periods cycle, short period cycles or absent/missing period also known as Amenorrhea, it can also result in clotting and uncomfortable PMS symptoms. 


In clinic the Liver Qi syndrome are further diving into 3 categories:

1. Liver Qi stagnant and blood stasis

 Stressed, irregular periods, clotting , periods pain and headache, PMS, fibroid, endometriosis


2. Excessive heat in the Liver

 Panic, anxiety, missing periods, or irregular periods, PMS, periods pain, clotting  


3. Liver Yin and Blood deficiency

Periods short cycle or light periods, or irregular periods, vagina dryness, skin dryness, mouth dry, PMS

Pattern commonly observed in women who experience:

  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) 
  • Long menstrual cycles

Clinic pattern: irregular periods, stress

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In Chinese Medicine Spleen is known as the root of postnatal life.  


Spleen Qi transforms food into nutrition, absorbs and transports this nutrition to the hormones. Mixed with Qi of oxygen it then becomes Vital Qi. This nutritions is provides body with energy for daily activities, hormones and fertility organs for overall maintenance and functioning. It also provides body with Yin Yang nutrition and energy.


Spleen governs transformation and transportation


In clinic the Spleen Qi syndrome are further diving into 3 categories:


1. Spleen Qi deficiency

Bloating and gas, constipation, tired, periods delays, poor eggs quality, short periods, or long periods


2. Spleen ( Kidney )Yang Deficiency

IBS, loose bowel movement, easily water retention, periods long cycle, bleeding can be light or heaviness, tiredness, low blood pressure, periods pain. Kidney Yang and Spleen Qi promote endometrial lining build up and progesterone production.

3. Dampness and Phlegm obstruction

Overweight, periods light, delayed periods, fatigue, periods pain

Pattern commonly observed in women who experience:

  • Women with luteal phase defect

Clinic pattern: Poor indigestion, chronic tired, poor diet



In Chinese Medicine infertility is primarily influenced your Kidneys

Kidney Yang and Kidney Jing are the foundation for conceiving naturally in Chinese Medicine. 

Kidney Yang energy (warm energy) is in charge of fertility organs function. It keeps utrus coldness away ( read more about cold uterus here ), keeps a healthy blood circulation and Vital Qi flow. Jing is important essence for eggs quality, central nutrition of sexual hormones. Kidney Yang and jing are both in charge of the reproductive organ including ovaries, uterus and Fallopian tube function.

 ‘Kidney Essence’ – the root of fertility in Chinese medicine 


In clinic the Kidney deficiency syndrome are further diving into 3 categories:


1.Kidney Yang deficiency

Body feels heavy, coldness sensation in feet or hand, periods cramps, weight gain, PCOS, Liver Qi stagnant and blood stasis , cyst.


2.Kidney Jin and Blood deficiency

poor memory, poor concentration, poor eggs quality, hair loss, pale face, fatigue, blood eyes bags


3.Dampness and phlegm obstruct low Jiao

Overweight, heaviness, headache and fatigue, low blood pressure … periods cramping pain, poor eggs quality, low sexual activity


Pattern commonly observed in women who experience:

  • High FSH and low oestrogen 
  • Amenorrhea (absence of period ) 
  • Luteal phase defect
  • Prolonged follicular phase or long menstrual cycle

Clinic pattern: Low Back pain, frequency urination, low sexual activity.

Once you have received your Chinese Medicine diagnosis you can begin making changes to balance your systems and improve your chances of pregnancy.  We highly recommend seeking help of an experienced practitioner.  We offer free consultation at our Clinics – GinSen. 


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