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Traditional Chinese Medicine has been included as one of the key medicines used in China for COVID-19 ( Coronavirus ). China has experienced a high recovery rate amongst coronavirus patients who have used Traditional Chinese Medicine. So, how exactly has Chinese Medicine helped coronavirus patients successfully recover? and what exactly has been used to help covid positive patients?

Chinese Medicine puts two body functions into spotlight when dealing with COVID-19. Namely, immune system and detoxing system. Promoting both of these systems to function effectively and working together results in increasing body’s ability to defend the virus and bring back body to normal health. 

According to patients who tested positive for COVID-19 in the makeshift hospital epicentre of Wuhan were strongly advised to use Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment according to decision made by the Central Guidance Team. After the application of Traditional Chinese Medicine, none of the 564 patients with mild symptoms at the makeshift hospital developed into severe cases. 

Why does body detoxification important for COVID19?

We always hear about boosting immune system and how a strong immune system can protect us from any external viruses or infections. However, body’s detoxing system is not covered to the same extent. In Chinese Medicine, equal importance is placed on body’s ability to detox. If your body can detox efficiently it can eliminate any accumulated toxins along with external virus and bacterial infections that may have entered the body.

Benefits of promoting detoxification system:

  • Your immune system will be protected
  • It shares responsibility of eliminating the virus with immune system 
  • It is another way of protecting and increasing your body’s defence ability preventing the risk of COVID-19. 

What does Body detoxing system consist of ?


Body’s main detoxification will work through:

  • Blood
  • Body fluid
  • Energy channels


Organs that play a part in detoxification:

  • Liver
  • Lungs
  • Colon
  • Kidney
  • Lymphatic system


First line organs that are easily attacked by COVID-19:

  • Nasal and Lungs
  • Mouth
  • Hands

Which natural Chinese Medicine supplements can be used for detoxification?

Function of these supplements : Eliminates accumulated heat toxic ( fever), unblocks energy channels to eases blocked nose and pains in chest and head, relaxes throat muscles and reduces tissue swelling, providing relief from general discomfort and cough.

Which natural Chinese Medicine supplements can be used for detoxification of Heart, Liver and Gallbladder ?

Function of these supplements : Eliminates emotion toxics caused due to stress, and anxiety, unblocks energy channels, removes blood heat toxins that irritate and cause heart beating fast, headache and body stiffness. By detoxing your body relaxes and remains calm, providing relief from chest pains and discomfort.


Which natural Chinese Medicine supplements can be used for detoxification of colon and bowel ?

Function of these supplements: Eliminates accumulated gas, bloating and constipation, or fat stored from consumption of other excessive food, or alcohols. These supplements promote regular bowel movement, allowing body to eliminate toxins and waste regularly. 

Which natural Chinese Medicine supplements can be used for detoxification of skin ?

Function of these supplements: Eliminates accumulated toxins ( germs, pollution, heat, sun damages) on the skin, work by improving blood circulation.



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