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Chinese Tea For Weight Loss 

Weight loss and Chinese herbal tea

Traditional Chinese Medicine and its philosophies have an unbroken lineage that spans back over three thousand years. It’s a history that has seen continual development and evolution in response to the changing needs of a nation, in the unending pursuit of health, well being and balance.

The most well-known tools of this long-established system are acupuncture, moxibustion and tuina massage. But herbal tea is also a mainstay treatment for a number of conditions.


But how does herbal tea help you lose weight? 

It’s simple, by making sure all your channels are unblocked, allowing the blood and energy your liver, kidneys and spleen need to get through. Having these organs fully functioning is essential for weight loss so your body can process everything going in and out properly.


Why is it different from other weight loss treatments?

Western weight loss drinks are based on having low calories and trying to stop you gaining more weight instead of giving your body what it needs to burn fat and help you lose weight.

Herbal tea is different because it’s used to treat lots of other factors that can cause weight gain too, like stress, hormone imbalances and metabolism problems as well as pain, stiffness, inflammation, swelling and water retention.


More than just tea

Created as a way to help restore your body’s natural balance, herbal tea can be your first step towards understanding the philosophies behind these drug-free natural treatments and enjoying a truly balanced healthy lifestyle.

Herbal tea is just one of the staples of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a great way to start discovering more about what it can do for you.


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