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Breast Pain According to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Sore breasts are an issue that many women will have to face throughout their lifetimes. For some women, this may be just minor aches and pains whereas other women may experience sharp, throbbing pain. Though breast tenderness is a common occurrence that often may or may not point to anything serious, most women would welcome relief from the discomfort. If you are looking for a solution to bring relief from sore breasts, then read on to learn more about Chinese medicine for breast pain. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Perspective on Breast Tenderness

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches that sore breasts or breast pain are the result of imbalance. It can be caused by a number of reasons:

  • Qi and blood stagnation. This stagnation indicates that there is a pattern of disharmony in the body. When Qi and blood are stagnant, the result may be blockages in the breast meridian leading to breast pain. It is also possible that women experiencing stagnation may struggle with menstrual cramps or an absent period.
  • Hormonal imbalances: Hormonal imbalance or fluctuate, such as during period or pregnancy, can cause changes in Qi and blood flow, leading to breast pain.
  • The High levels of stress are also known to cause stagnation. Stress’s effect on the liver can affect the liver’s ability to properly circulate Qi. When the liver is not able to do its job, the resulting Qi stagnation and poor blood flow may lead to sore breasts or pain.

How Chines Medicine Can Help with Breast Pain

In TCM, the goal is to understand what is causing an imbalance in the body. Acupuncture and herbal supplements have both been used in TCM for centuries. They are both drug-free options that have been shown to reduce stress and relieve stagnation in an effort to relive disharmony with little to no adverse side effects.


Acupuncture for Breast Pain

Acupuncture has been shown to restore balance to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems while helping to relieve stagnation. Studies have shown that acupuncture aids in stress relief thanks to its ability to modulate serotonin receptors.


Chinese Medicinal Herbs for Breast Pain

Chinese medicine for breast pain may also include the addition of herbal supplements. Some examples include:


• Natural herbal tea: Sipping on green tea has been shown to benefit breast health. Those who regularly consume tea report lower incidences of cancer. There are many varieties of herbal tea that are readily available for purchase at most grocery stores. If you are not a fan of the taste of Green Tea, Green Tea is now also available in supplement form. 

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• Dong Quai: Used to help regulate the menstrual cycle, Dong Quai helps to relieve sore breasts by harmonizing the blood and removing blockages while providing much needed nourishment to the blood.

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• Szechuan Lovage Root: Also referred to as Chuan Xiong, Szechuan lovage root brings relief by promoting blood circulation and eliminating blood stasis.


• Licorice: Also known as Gan Cao, licorice root has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Concoctions containing Gan Cao have been shown to improve blood flow by resolving blood stasis.


• Peony Root: Sometimes referred to as Bai Shao, peony root provide nourishment to the blood while treating blood stagnation. It also helps to reduce pain due to its analgesic effects.


• Poria-Cocos Mushroom: This mushroom, also called Fu Ling, removes stasis while also improving blood circulation. It can even eliminate dampness and has tonifying properties.

Not sure about what herbs to take? Get professional TCM experts’ help!

Lifestyle Tips for Reducing Breast Tenderness

In addition to acupuncture and herbal supplements, there are a few simple lifestyle changes that will also help to reduce the pain associate with sore breasts.

Since stress is a known cause of Qi stagnation, it is important to find an outlet for it. This may mean gentle exercise such as walking, yoga, or tai chi. Regular exercise such as resistance training and aerobic exercise will also help to improve sleep quality and reduce the likelihood of breast disease. Find an exercise routine that can be easily incorporated into your lifestyle. Additionally, consider treating yourself to a massage to help with stress reduction and relaxation.

Eating a healthy diet will not only improve breast health, but it will have a positive effect on overall health. Be sure to include plenty of fresh vegetables such as cabbage and broccoli which have the added benefit of being high in fiber. Drizzle vegetables with olive oil to further lower the risk of disease. 

Those struggling with breast pain are encouraged to limit alcohol intake. Overconsumption of alcohol is linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. Those who consume alcohol should consider drinking red wine in moderation.



Though common, sore breasts can range from dull pain to a nuisance that negatively affects your quality of life. Instead of regularly taking pain relieving medications, consider trying acupuncture of herbal remedies to help improve the flow of Qi and blood to bring relief from breast pain. It is also important to get plenty of exercise, manage stress, eat a healthy diet, and limit alcohol intake. If you no longer want to suffer through the discomfort of breast tenderness, speak to a TCM practitioner about your options.

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