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10 Benefits of Dong Quai (Angelica Sinensis)

 Dong Quai ( Angelica Sinensis ) is a popular herb used in Traditional Chinese Medicine that holds a number of health benefits. This herb is most commonly viewed as an herb to support women’s health. However, it can be beneficial for both men and women. It is most commonly used for treating infertility (in both men and women), hot flashes, and supporting estrogen balance.

Dong Quai is an herb that comes from the mountains of China, Japan, as well as Korea, and has been used in TCM for thousands of years.

Let’s take a look at the top ten benefits of Dong Quai.

The Top 10 Benefits of Dong Quai

1. Helps Iron Deficiency Anemia: Not getting enough iron in the diet can lead to iron-deficiency anemia. Dong Quai happens to be a great herb to help this condition, as it may help increase the hemoglobin in your blood.  Hemoglobin is essential as it helps carry oxygen to cells. Iron deficiency can lead to many issues such as insomnia, headaches, tiredness. 

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2. Dong Quai is Great for Pre and Post Menstruation: Just like how Dong Quai is helpful for treating iron deficiency anemia, it is also great to help support women both before and after their monthly menstrual cycle. It can help replenish lost blood after menstruation, while also easing cramps and supporting a normal and regular cycle.


3. Supports Skin Health: Dong Quai may also benefit those who suffer from skin conditions like eczema and rosacea. Since this powerful herb helps support circulation, it has been known to help promote healing from various skin-related conditions.


4. Boosts Fertility: This Chinese herb is commonly used for both male and female infertility. Dong Quai is rich in ferulic acid, which is an antioxidant that may help support sperm quality. This herb may also help support female fertility by boosting ovulation. It works to promote the secretion of both progesterone and estrogen and even promotes follicular development. Dong Quai when combined with other treatments treatments has been shown to successfully result in pregnancy.


5. Supports a More Positive Mood: If you’re in need of a mood boost, Dong Quai may be the herb for you. This Chinese herb has been known to help combat stress, ease tension, and promote a sense of relaxation.

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6. Supports Estrogen Hormone Balance: If your estrogen levels are out of balance, Dong Quai may be able to help get them balanced whether you are dealing with levels that are too high or too low. This can be especially beneficial for women who experience hot flashes due to estrogen imbalance.


7. Ease Symptoms of Inflammation: Many conditions can be linked back to inflammation, and in addition to an anti-inflammatory diet, Dong Quai may be able to help ease inflammatory symptoms. Some people take this herb for things like migraine headaches and fatigue. 


8. Support Balance: Similar to how Dong Quai may help support a happier mood, this herb may also have a balancing effect on the body, helping you feel more centered. The world goes at such a fast pace, supplementing with a herb to help your body feel a bit more grounded can be beneficial in reducing feelings of anxiety. 


9. Strengthen Your Qi: With more balance and rejuvenation, you can help strengthen your Qi, also known as your energy. With more balanced Qi, you will likely feel better on both a physical and emotional level.

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10. Blood Tonic: It is also a powerful blood tonic, meaning it can help support circulation. It is known for supporting circulation in the abdomen and pelvis. It’s also rich in vitamins and minerals to support the blood such as vitamin B12, folic acid, and biotin. Dong quai may also reduce tissue congestion through enhanced blood and lymph circulation. Dong quai also contains nicotinic acid, which is believed to have a blood vessel relaxing or vasodilating action.

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If you are looking for a Chinese herb that helps support better overall balance in the body, this natural her may be an option you would want to explore. The best place to start is to work with a TCM practitioner or a trained acupuncturist who is knowledgeable about herbs to determine if it is something that would benefit you.




Dong Quai or Angelica sinensis has been used for centuries in Chinese Medicine. It is rich in compounds with anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulating effects, and the dong quai pills can be added to your daily routine for its many health benefits. Often coined as “women’s fertility herb” or “female ginseng” this powerful herb is used to balance female hormones and menstrual cycle.

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