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Chinese medicine for Amenorrhea ( Absent Period ) 

Amenorrhea (missed period medical term or absent period) is when a female experiences absence of menstruation. It is also called as stopped or missed periods.


When should I be worried about an absent period?

A women should normally menstruate every 23 to 35 days. There are 2 types of Amenorrhea. Primary – when a women has never had her first period. Secondary – when a women has menstruated previously but stopped menstruating for consecutive 3 months or more. If you belong to the second condition, you have to pay attention to it, because it indicates more underlying health issues than you can imagine, and this article is the right one for you to start to restore your health.

At our clinics – GinSen we frequently get visits from women who are seeking to get their period back or help with irregular periods. Amenorrhea can be a sign of other underlying issues, if left untreated it could lead to further complications. 

Amenorrhea is a common health problem. There are a variety of reasons behind the cause of Amenorrhea, and different risks of not having a period. However, according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this common women’s health problem is caused by stress, excessive work, unhealthy lifestyle especially unhealthy diet. 
Period in Chinese Medicine is related to three main organs:
  • Liver
  • Spleen 
  • Kidney
Collectively this is known as TCM hormones system. Acute cases are generally caused by emotion injuries such as stress or excessive work. Chronic cases are caused by underlying deficiencies which need to be addressed. 

Common causes of secondary amenorrhea in clinic

  • PCOS and/or early menopause
  • Fluctuation of body weight – excessive or suddenly weight loss or weight gain 
  • Prolactin-secreting pituitary tumors
  • Excessive exercise or workouts 
  • (GnRH) a hormone that is responsible for releasing FSH and LH slows down or stops. 

Common causes of secondary amenorrhea based on Chinese Medicine


According to Chinese Medicine there are several reasons that can be the cause behind amenorrhea (absent period). 


1. Emotions causing absent period 

Emotional stress may cause amenorrhea. When looking at menstrual problems such as amenorrhea your emotional feelings can be further broken down into 2 categories, namely, acute emotions and chronic emotions. 


1.a Acute emotions

Acute emotions in this case can be recognised as high levels of stress and anxiety or deep sadness. These acute emotions are a shock to your body, based on Chinese Medicine belief, this would cause a stagnation in Qi, Liver Qi and blood stasis menstruation. it also results in immediate blockage in energy. This means the vital energy flow (Qi) is affected, slowing down the blood circulation affecting the period flow. In this case the GnRH hormone slows down or stops. 


1.b Chronic emotions

Chronic emotions can be identified as long term stress or pressure, this could be from work, personal life or any other aspect of your life. You body and mind have been experience these emotions for a long time, based on Chinese Medicine belief these emotions would depress the Liver Qi and stagnant Qi and blood. This means the vital energy flow (Qi) is affected, and the fertility organs have less nutrients being supplied to them affecting your menstrual cycle. This is also one of the reasons for absent period.


2. Lifestyle leading to absent period 

Numerous aspect of your day to day lifestyle can affect your menstrual cycle leading to amenorrhea. Factors such as excessive work, sudden and excessive weight loss, weight gain and unbalanced diet. 


2.a Excessive work

Excessive work, when you carry out work beyond your body’s limit, this can damage Kidney Qi energy levels. In Chinese Medicine, Kidney is one of the 3 main fertility organs which are in charge of fertility and hormones. With Kidney Qi being affected, there is low energy in the fertility organs resulting in poor function of the ovaries causing periods to stop. 


2.b Excessive Weight Loss

When your body goes through weight changes such as excessive weight loss, this affects Kidney Qi, blood and essence ( essence is related to FSH level and AMH levels), resulting fertility organs to have low energy, low blood flow and low essence. Due to these low levels, the production of healthy eggs, ovaries and periods are affected. 


2.c Excessive Weight Gain 

When your body gains excessive weight, accumulation of body fat, fluid and water retention occurs. This accumulation blocks energy channels, slowing down energy flow (Qi) and blood circulation causing periods to stop. 


2.d Unbalanced Diet

Unbalanced diet can affect absent period. If you follow a vegan, vegetarian or irregular food schedule (skip meals, not consuming enough food, no or less protein), could result in reduced blood  ( related animal fat/protein ) and Yin (vitamins and mineral) needed by your body. This will follow a slow down in Qi and Yang, affecting fertility function and stopping periods. 


3. Genetics 

Chronologic fatigue or iron deficiency, in Chinese Medicine is related to deficiency of Qi, Blood, or Yin, or Yang, which could cause periods to be absent.  


4. Other Health Issues

Other health issues could also cause absent period ( amenorrhea) conditions such as: 

  • PCOS ovarian cyst 
  • Chronic IBS 
  • Cancer issues: Ovarian cancer, a pituitary gland tumour
  • Chemotherapy drugs or high blood pressure medications 

Learn more about TCM’s view on absent periods directly from our expert team!

Natural Chinese Medicine treatment for absent period amenorrhea 

Chinese Medicine uses several natural, drug free, non invasive treatments such as Acupuncture, Moxibustion , Cupping , Herbal Tea, and Herbal Supplements. They can work at individual or in combination together for enhanced results.

The goal with Chinese Medicine Treatments is to balance hormones through increased blood circulation, unblocking energy channels, eliminating accumulated toxins.


Acupuncture: Can I use acupuncture to get period back? Yes, acupuncture for amenorrhea is suitable for all causes relating to secondary absence of menstruation. It is effective to boost Qi movement in the reproductive system so that the menstrual blood can be easily flushed out from the body. 


Cupping: is used to detox, draw out heat toxin from organs. This promotes Qi flow and rectifies Qi stagnation and blood stasis. 


Moxibustion: is used to boost warmth Yang energy, remove coldness from the body. Moxibustion also helps with accumulated body fluid and water retention.

Herbal supplements for absent periods:

Using Chinese herbs for amenorrhea is a natural and affordable option you can have at home. Here are formulated herbal supplements that are recommended by our TCM specialists. According to the different root causes of absent periods, you can choose the best to suit your problems, or you can book a consultation with a TCM specialist for personalised instruction.

  • Absent period due to iron (blood) deficiency

Recommended supplement: Gui Pi Tang, Blood Maintenance, Woman’s Life power


  • Absent Period due to Energy blockage caused by Stress

Recommended supplement: Liver Maintenance, Mood Balance Remedy, Tao Hong Si Wu Tang,


  • Amenorrhea due to deficiency


Yin deficiency (absent period with dry skin, mouth dry, hot flushes):  Recommended supplement: Liu Wei Di Huang Tang , Zhi Bai Di Huang Tang, Cordyceps


Qi deficiency ( fatigue, bloating and gas, constipation): Recommended supplement: Ren Shen Ji Pi Tang, Metabolism Maintenance, Gui Zi Di Huang Tang


Yang deficiency ( Feet coldness, body heaviness, Weight gain, water retention): Recommended supplement: Jin Kiu Shen Qi Tang, Women’s Life Power, Shen Ling Bai Zhu Tang


  • Absent period due to obesity:

Recommended supplement: Orient Weight Management, Detoxing Tea, Fei Yan Tea

Get personalised advice on treatment choosing from our TCM specialists for free!

The Bottom Line 

Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM) is medical system is based on use of  natural ingredients. It has passed on from generations to generations and has successfully helped with absent periods naturally. If you have not had success with other treatments with treating amenorrhea, Chinese Medicine can help. 

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Amenorrhea (absent period) & Chinese Medicine

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