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5 Acupressure Points For Weight Loss

Weight gain and increased BMI are known risk factors for many health conditions. As a result, there is has been an increased focus on various weight loss remedies and preventative measures against such disorders in recent years. Traditional Chinese medicine is widely recognised as one of the world’s most frequently used holistic health treatments. While many people continue to employ standard weight-loss methods, others add holistic treatments of Chinese Medicine for weight loss. Amongst the most recommended of these is Acupressure, which is found to reduce total body weight and treat the various health disorders associated with it.

What is Acupressure, and How It Works?


Acupressure is a complementary therapy that stimulates acupoints across the body. Applying pressure at these specific acupressure points with hands or an applicator can release excess muscular tension through the body.

According to Chinese Medicine, Acupressure is an effective method to stimulate certain points in the body to correct imbalances of the blocked energy, also known as ‘Qi.’ This correction of imbalances allows Acupressure to be used as a treatment for various conditions including weight loss.

The effectiveness of Acupressure for Weight Loss has been a topic of interest and has been extensively investigated by experts over the past few years. Studies have shown Acupressure to be able to improve one mood and prevent the symptoms of depression and anxiety, which are often associated with overeating.The increased release of neurotransmitters like Serotonin and Endorphin leads to a reduction in stress levels and suppresses the appetite.

Moreover, it was also found in a study that Acupressure on points like ST 36 and ST 44 can help increase the activity in parts of the brain responsible for promoting satiety. This causes an individual to feel fuller and helps them lose weight by cutting down on their diet.

5 Important Acupressure Points For Weight Loss


Acupressure therapy can be done in the comfort of your own home. It is cost-effective and effective additional treatment option for those who are already trying to lose weight or maintain weight loss. 

Weight gain, according to traditional Chinese medicine, is caused by an energy imbalance within the body. Because acupressure is intended to restore this balance, it is considered that it can assist people who are overweight or obese and have tried other methods to lose weight lose weight.

In order to understand the mechanism of action of Acupressure for weight loss, it is important to first understand the role of acupressure points for weight loss. The entire human body is made up of numerous pressure points. These points may also be known as ‘acupoints’ and are present close to the skin surface. Therefore, the prime goal of Acupressure is to target the acupressure points.


The five acupressure points for weight loss include:


1.   Sanyinjiao (SP6)

Sanyinjiao, also known as SP6, is an important weight loss pressure points and is located along with the spleen. This point is known to affect the organs found in the lower abdomen and their parasympathetic supply. Hence by promoting digestion, metabolism, and urinary and gynecological functions, Acupressure at SP6 can help an individual lose weight.


2.   Zusanil (ST36 )

Zusanil is situated along the stomach meridian and is believed to be an effective Acupressure point for weight loss due to its effect on the organs of the upper abdomen. It is located roughly 3 inches below the knee cap. Since the organs found in the upper abdomen, like the stomach, are responsible for digestion, Acupressure at ST36 can help an individual lose weight by regulating digestion and preventing bloating around the stomach area.


3.   Xiao Luo (TE12)

Xiao Luo, which is also referred to as TE12, is situated on the posterior upper arm. It is found to be effective for the reduction of arm fat along with promoting water metabolism in the body. This allows the reduction of swelling and improvement in headaches, shoulders pain, and stiff necks.


4.   Zhongwan (CV12)

Zhongwan is another important Acupressure point for weight loss and is located slightly above the umbilicus. Zhongwan is also has a direct effect on the organs of the upper abdomen and is found to lower the sugar levels in the blood. This allows it to prevent the origin and progression of obesity-associated conditions like Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 and help the individual lose weight.


5.   Dai Mai (GB26)

Dai Mai, which is also known as GB 26 or Girdling Vessel, is located below the eleventh rib in the body. This Acupressure point has the ability to regulate and promote blood circulation, which in turn allows it to reduce swelling in the belly area, along with improvement in hernias, back pain, and various gynecological disorders.

The points above all have a unique sensation; hence stimulation of different points may have different effects on the body. The recommended way to massage the acupressure points above is by keeping two fingers at the target site, after which a gentle but firm pressure is applied in circular motions for 2 to 3 minutes. The individual can then repeat the same on the acupressure point of the other side.

Not sure where these acupressure points are? Ask directly from our expert team!

What Does Research Say?

A systematic review and meta-analysis conducted by Huang Ching Feng et al. included a total of 7 studies conducted on overweight individuals between the ages of 18 and 60 years. The study results showed auricular Acupressure to be effective for reducing the total body weight, body mass index, the circumference of the waist, body fat mass, body fat percentage, and waist to hip ratio.

Another study conducted by Hong further proved the effectiveness of Acupressure for weight loss by illustrating how this method can help reduce excess fat deposits from specific oars of the body and help the individual reach normal healthy body weight.



How Long Does It take for Acupressure To Work?

A review article in 2018 showed the overweight participants of the study to be able to lose 21% of body weight within eight weeks. However, other studies have shown individuals to have more success in losing weight with Acupressure if they undergo it for 12 weeks, instead of previous recommendations of 4, 6, or 8 weeks.




Acupressure has been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years, and its proven benefits like weight loss only continue to make it more popular amongst health professionals worldwide. The current literature and published material show Acupressure for weight loss to be effective; however, there is still a need for more awareness amongst the population regarding the mechanism of action of this procedure. Therefore, one must also make sure to consult a health professional before starting their weight loss journey and consult how they can incorporate Acupressure safely and effectively n it.

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