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Holiday season can be a challenging period if you are trying to conceive. Whether you are struggling to conceive naturally, going through IVF or have had failed cycle or trying alternative approach to infertility like Chinese Medicine, coping during the festive period can feel more like a struggle than usual.

You are constant reminded, that you don’t have a child to share this special occasion with. Everywhere you look there are reminders, from adverts to friends and family asking the inevitable question. At the end of the day, Christmas is about a pregnant women giving birth, it is all about children during this occasion. So, going through the infertility journey can make you feel all different emotions.

It is not the emotional aspect but also the physical that you need to bear in mind with temptations everywhere, it is easy to overindulge and inferrer or reverse the lifestyle changes you have already made. Especially, if you are under taking Chinese Medicine for infertility which adapts a holistic approach and promotes natural conception than Assisted Reproductive Technology ( ATR ) so small changes in lifestyle and diet can counteract all the progress that has been.

It is also important to keep in mind that, in UK 1 in every 7 couples may have difficulty conceiving, that means approximately 3.5 million in the UK alone are experiencing the same struggles as you … you are not alone.

To help you through this tricky time we have put together a few tips and tricks on how to prepare and cope with Christmas if you are trying to conceive.

How to get through Christmas when you are going through an infertility journey

1.Be Kind to Yourself and Treat Yourself

During the festive period you may experience a range of emotions. It is important to remember that it is completely normal to experience a roller coaster of emotions when you are struggling to conceive. Often during Christmas we are focused on others but self care is so so important during Christmas. Spend this time around your close family and friends who understand your struggle, the days leading up to the big day can be very stressful it is important to take a step back and give your mind and body a break. Whether it is a simple relaxing bath or book yourself in a massage.

Most importantly remember you are not alone.

2.Avoid Social Media

Pregnancy announcement are popular during the festive season. Watching everyone around you getting pregnant can be difficult – the solution is stop scrolling! take a break from social media during the Christmas period even better if you can make it through the whole of December and into the new year.

3.It is all about Moderation

Christmas is an excuse to over indulge especially indulging in sweet treats like cakes, pies and chocolate. Remember one mince pie is not going to stop you from getting pregnant it is all about moderation. Most of the tasty treats during Christmas contain added sugar, this added sugar doesn’t offer the same nutrients like natural sugars. If you can opt for natural sugary treats like fruits.

The reason being processed sugar can lead to an increase in insulin levels and interfere with the ovulation process.

4.Avoid Temptations

If you are trying to conceive you may already be avoiding alcohol and caffeine. During Christmas the temptation can be greater than usual. Keep your bigger fertility goals in mind and opt for something non alcoholic like a hot chocolate, juice or even a non alcoholic mulled wine.

5. Remember to take your Fertility Supplements and Herbs 

Just because it is the festive season does not mean it is an excuse to skip your daily fertility supplements. It is easy to forget about supplements when all your friends and family are around and you are all having a good time. Set a reminder on your phone so you do not end up skipping a dose, consistency is very important when it comes to fertility supplements especially natural Chinese Medicine fertility supplements. 

6.Make sure you get your 8 hours

In Chinese Medicine sleeping  and being wake are viewed as yin-yang to each other, where Yang is being awake and carrying activities, Yin is resting or sleeping. During the Christmas months it is easy for your body to become Yin deficient as you might find yourself running around all day carrying out different chores in preparation up to Christmas or attending parties, shopping and such. These activities require Yang energy which is why it is important that you still find time to rest and get 8 hours of sleep. 

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